Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Carter Pictures

Sorry it took so long, but since we got home Saturday night it has been quite busy with adjusting to two boys at home and some doctor checkups.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Carter Andrew minutes old

Carter getting ready to see the world.

Carter Andrew Meagher

Carter Andrew Meagher 7lbs 3.4oz 19 inches
Allen loves to sing and he loves Carter. "I am a Child of God" was Allen's song of choice for Carter's first day.

Our Family Before Today

This picture was taken last Mother's day when I surprised Corrine with a picnic at the park.

At The Hospital

Well, we are finally at the hospital waiting for Corrine to go in for her C-section at 5:30pm. She has her fetal monitor on and everything is going great. Allen is with Grandma Meagher shopping for a present for his little brother. He is so excited to meet and help take care of his little bro. Corrine and I are very anxious and excited to meet our new little guy as well.
It has been strange, but comforting to know when we are going to have our new baby. Knowing the day and the time of his birth weeks before he is actually born is quite surreal. We are glad that this pregnancy has had no surprises or complications with Corrine or the baby like last time. We just can't wait to see Allen with his new little brother. Pictures will be posted soon!