Sunday, November 22, 2009


This morning the boys work up to snow. So we all went out and played in it. We built a snow man (Javier), had a snow ball fight, and did some swinging. It was all good times till Carter fell off the big swing and got a face full of snow. We had to pull out the binky and then it was all better. All and all it was a great family fun morning.

Javier the snow man. He's so hot he's cold.
All my boys together. Allen, Javier, Carter, and Daddy.
Carter just taking in all that white stuff.
Allen getting ready to pounce with a snow ball.
Oh no here they come.
Trying to throw his first snow ball. It just dropped.
Yes we are bad parents our kid still has a binnky. I just think this looks so funny.
Child labor at its best.
Aww the fake smile. We see it often.

The snow ball fight.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Carter's new favorite thing lately is to strip off his pants put on his rain boots and beg to go outside. It's just so cute. The other day he was wearing nothing but a button down shirt and his boots. I didn't have the camera then so this is the shot you get.

Horseback Riding

So as most of us know, Allen has kind of a fear of Animals. He love animals but just can't seem to trust them. So when he asked me if he could go horseback riding I got right on that. I was really expecting him to change his mind as soon as he saw the horses but he didn't. He couldn't wait to hop on and get going. I'm so proud of my big guy.

My fearless boy on the horse.
Carter checking out the baby and Kaylee.
Allen and Dad riding together.

Carter was really excited about the horses but as soon as we would put him on he would scream but he still wanted to be a part of everything.

Allen taking his first ride all by himself.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


This is for the grandparents. Sorry I have been on a blog slump, but this is our Halloween. First we went to a Church Halloween party on Friday night which I went to alone with the kids. So I was unable to take any pictures but this is from Halloween night. It's not in order but here they are.Allen the firefighter in the car ready to go.
Carter the vampire in the car wishing he was in bed.
The beginning of the door to door.
trick or treat.
We stopped in to our friends house at the end of our door to door. This is Caleb and Carter playing, all stuffed with sweets.
Vampire Carter.
Fireman Allen. Ooohh he's tough.
The silly fireman.
Carter close up.
And one more Carter close up.


Allen's first bus ride and fieldtrip. In backwards order. We went to the pumpkin patch.Nate and Allen eating their free donuts and apple cider.
the talking story time pumpkin named Penelope.
Allen and the pumpkin he picked to take home.
Allen's head.
Teacher Vicky's head.
Nate and Allen with their free Apples.
Getting a lesson on how pollination works.
The hay ride.
On the school bus for the first time.
Completely unrelated but cute. Carter with his towel wrapped around his waist like a big person.


This is just some cute stuff that have happened in the last little bit.

Carter is just getting cuter and cuter.
Carter has become a computer genius.
Carter has started to not only get piggy back rides but also give them.
And the boys are doing better and better at playing together.
Well that's it for now.