Friday, July 18, 2008

I forgot to put this picture on from our trip up to see grandma and grandpa Tulett. It was the funniest thing out of the whole trip. Audrey and the kids were jumpin on the trampoline and her entire head of hair went electric not even the picture dose it justice.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We went up to my parents place this last weekend and had a great time with the family. But the person who by fare had the best time would have to be Allen. We went to the swimming pool with Greg's family. It was the best Allen has ever done in a pool. Kevin was so proud. Emily and the girls taught him how to jump in and do all sorts of fun water stuff. The next day we went to church at the Blaine word. It was kind of strange cuz that word has changed so much since we were there. After church we spent time at Tammys. Her place is so pretty out side. We all just relaxed and chatted. Then we visited with the Southams for a bit and went home. It was all and all a great trip to see the fam.

We had so much fun with those Tulett girls.

Carter at the pool. He loves watch his brother play.

The boys love there Grandpa Tulett

We went and saw Jeff"s new place it is a cute little house. Audry loves the baby but isn't always sure about him.

The morning we left the boys were playing on the floor it was just so cute.

Some brotherly love.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yesterday I had my surgery and I'm not dead so I guess everything went well. Allen went to his Great Ante Collen and Uncle Tim's house for the day. He had a great time. Carter came to the hospital with Kevin and I. We had a whole slew of nurses around us all the time checking out Carter. Of course Carter loves the attention from the ladies. He was the best baby ever all day. Other then that the whole thing was rather uneventful. They came and got me for surgery and soon after they put me to sleep. It was just over an hour in surgery and about an hour and a half in recovery. They woke me up by saying Corrine are you the one with the really cute baby that everyone is talking about. It was a very sweet way to wake up. Then I went back to the room with Kevin and Carter. Spent some more time, took some more drugs and got ready to go home. So all in all every thing went smooth. Me being out of it didn't seem to stop the boys from having a lot of fun together.

Allen loves to make Carter laugh and Carter thinks anything that Allen does is just the funniest thing ever. So, if you can't tell this is Allen saying "rarrrr" and Carter hysterically laughing.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

We all had a great time on the 4th. Cheryse and Jaron got to come hang with us as well. We had tons of fun at Kevin's Uncle Tim's house. We got to ride his jetski and go swimming of his dock. And later that night they lit off a huge fireworks display off the dock. You can also see the barges fireworks from there beach. It was quite the display.

The view from the beach. All around the lake people light off there fireworks. There is always something to look at.
One of the fireworks that they lit off the dock.
Dad and Carter having fun during the fireworks.
Another firework from off the dock.
Allen and Dad were roasting marshmallows when a firework went off. They couldn't help but look up. It over all was a really great day.
We just got back from Utah and the next day I went to meet with a surgeon. Who says that the Tuesday of the 8th I need to have my gallbladder removed and that was on the 3rd. So for me that will be two surgeries in 4 months. Yes! And not to mention that Allen just had surgery last month. So I guess for now our little family just loves to get sliced and diced. I'm nervous and glad all at the same time. I'm very happy to be getting rid of the pain but not excited to be getting cut open. We are supposed to be moving to Spokane in 2 month and all the surgeries are not helping us save money. But I'm sure its all in Gods plan. So for now we will just go with the flow. Well wish me luck on Tuesday.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

So, the boys and I went to visit Nate, Carlee, and Reid for a week. It was a lot of fun to see them again. As always Nate and Carlee kept us laughing the whole time. And Reid is so cute we just wanted to take him home with us. It was really great to see them again. Amber also came with us and was the biggest help ever. I don't think I would have survived the trip without her. We all got to go through temple square. Allen was really excited to see the temple. And is still talking about seeing the statue of Christ. It's kind of funny. Allen was sitting on Carlee's knee when the voice recording came on and she told him that it was Jesus. So right at the moment when all was quiet he shouts "Hey Jesus!" Carlee quickly quiets him and when we were walking out asks him "What were you going to say to Jesus?" He says, "Um I was going to say, Hey Jesus I don't want to do this right now and I would like a boat." It gave us a quite the chuckle. We also got to go to the aquarium and water park. We had a blast doing it all. Over all we just had a great time.
Just about every night Reid and Allen took a bath together it was so cute.
For the most part Reid and Allen played well together. Here they are pretending that the paper products are there motorcycles. Vroom vroom!
This is a lovely picture of Nate taken after a meal look at just how satisfied he looks.
Here is one of the only picture I got of Amber with a smile on her face. But Carter seemed to miss the joke all together.
Oh yes you know Carlee she was stuffing her face the hole time we were there. It is completely astonishing that she doesn't way 200 lb. (just kidding. don't hate me Carlee)

This picture is for Carlee so that she is not the only one with a picture of them eating pizza.
Here is Reid and Allen right after they got done chasing a seagull through the park.
It was so hard to get picture of the boys together before they moved. Here they were playing so nice with this ball. By the time I took the picture this is what they looked like.
Reid is just so cute it was hard not to just take all the pictures of him. Don't you think he is just the cutest?

We spent the whole day at temple square and were completely wiped by the time we got back but I was very glad to share some church history with Allen I think it was an experience he won't soon forget.
Allen sitting in the front row at the conference center. You can see it in his face how excited he is.
Carter in the conference center. You can't tell but hes excited too.
Allen, Carlee and I on top of the conference center.
This is Allen standing in front of the statue of Jesus. He called his Grandma Meagher and was telling her all about what we had done that day when kind of out of the blue he says "Jesus is really really big!" And as you can see he is.
I really wanted to get a picture of Allen in front of the temple but there were so many brides there we couldn't get to the spot where you can take the good shot. So we settled for this view.

This is the day we spent at the aquarium. With all the fishees.
Reid and Allen having a great time at the aquarium. Just look how cute Reid is.
Here we are looking at the eels. I think Reid may have lost a contact.
Allen smiling with the fishes
Carter is such a kidder. Here he is doing his impression of a fish.
Allen had so much fun he decided to show it by making his best sad face when we walked out.

We went 2 times to the water park. The boys just had so much fun there. It was really a great place to take the kids.
Carlee and Reid going through the water fall
Allen and Reid went down the water slid together. They are such great buds.
Allen going through that water fall.
So this picture has a story to go with it. You see I was taking pictures at the water park of everyone together playing. Well, I got some real awesome ones of Carlee and Amber both with one bum check sticking out. It was priceless. And then just as we were going to leave there is Reid standing there with his bum check hanging out. So well it must be a family thing. Anyways Nate and I thought it would be great if I posted all the very best swim suit pictures of them with the theme song for Baywatch playing in the background. But out of respect for Carlee I promised that I would not. But feel free to talk to me later if you with to see some pretty hysterical pictures.