Saturday, August 30, 2008

So this weekend is crazy busy. Allen and I are going to be in my best friend's wedding. No, not the movie but actually my best friend's wedding. Amelia (my best friend) is getting married next weekend on the 6th. So all of today we have spent running around getting Allen fitted for his tux and all of that kind of wedding stuff. Also because I'm in the wedding it was mandatory for me to attended her bachelorette party. Because I was coming they toned it down a whole bunch for me. Which I really appreciated. It was up near my parents house so Friday night we drove all the way up and then I spent all night out with the girls. It made for a really long day. I kinda had fun. Not to mention the fact that our little family is moving east of the mountains this weekend. So I'm trying to pack mad fast and do all this wedding prep stuff before we go. Well as most of you know, when ever you are trying to do something big (like move) everything always goes wrong at first. Well, this time everything won't stop going wrong. But, that's ok no point is getting all worked up about it, right? What's gonna happen is gonna happen. But it just makes for a really busy busy weekend. There are very few people that I would go through all this trouble for and my girl, Amelia, is on the top of that list. I just can't wait to see her married and all happy. Se really deserves it. Well ,anyways we will keep you posted on how the move went and all. It might not be for a bit thought because we will have to get the Internet and all that stuff hooked up in the new house first. So until then. This will be it... I think.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I love and hate how much Allen loves to help in the kitchen. But when he helps dad it's just so cute. He has insisted lately to wear grandma's apron. And this day insisted that dad wear the apron that I made for grandma. The really short and girly one. It looked way funnier in person. Probably because dad was so embarrassed but that doesn't seem to show in the picture very well.
Dad and Allen in there aprons making brownies. Doesn't it look like Kevin is just about to curtsy.
Allen mixen it up. We watched a preseason Seahawks game the other night and I think they lost by something like one point. Allen was so disappointed. But he's still a loyal fan. The next day I could not get him to put any other shirt on and he has been asking for it every day since.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday night we went to the Mariner's game for one of our last hurrahs on this side of the mountains. It was a whole lot of fun. Allen's face light up when we first went up the stairs and saw the field. He was beside himself with excitement. Dad pointed out who Jose Lopez and Ichiro were. Allen, jumping up and down, responded by saying "Wow that's my favorite Mariner!" It was really cool to see Allen so excited. And also it was lunch box night which was way cool. So Allen and Carter got Mariner lunch boxes. It was a really great night.
When J.J. Putz came in to close the game they play "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC. Allen went crazy and kept yelling "Thu-nder!" over and over throughout the entire song. We won which is always a plus. We will miss all the fun things to do over here. Where are we? Oh yeah, that's right.
Carter wearing Allen's Mariners hat at the game. Isn't he such a cutie?
Allen really wanted to catch a foul ball and was really sad that none came even close to us. But he always had his mitt out when one was hit.
Carters snoozing in mom's lap. He was such a good baby that night. He didn't even cry once with all the noise (Corrine didn't cry either!) And about half way through it fell fast asleep.
Daddy, Allen, and Uncle Bryan having a blast watching the game. Just look how happy they are.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This last weekend we spent time up north with the whole fam. I guess it was kind of a quadruple 16th birthday and family reunion all in one. The boys and I got a ride up Thursday with Amelia. And on Friday the whole family went to the lake together. We swam, ate, rode the jet ski, and canoed. It was great fun. It has been a bit since we have all been together. Kevin came up late that night and the next day we went to the fair and then went back to the lake. I had to go to Amelia's bridal shower in the middle of the day but still got to do everything with the family too. It was nice. (For those who don't know, Amelia is one of my bestest friends in the whole world and is getting married on Sep. 6th. Allen and myself will be in the wedding. It is going to be so much fun to see Allen in a tux.) Saturday night my parents and my brother Greg's family left to go on a long road trip to see my mother's biological sister that she just found. Then on Sunday everyone that was left went to my sister Tammy's for lunch before leaving to go home as well. All and all it was a bit tiring but really fun to see everyone again. I love it when my family spends time together we always have a great time.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We have been up to a lot lately. We went to my sisters on the weekend and found our place we will be moving into. It was stressful and fun all at the same time. Well not exactly the same time. Searching for the house was stressful but playing at Denise's was fun. We went to a baseball game with all her family. It was a minor league game so it was a bit more interactive then we are used to. It was fun. Allen had a great time playing around and cheering for the team. Carter slept most of the time and did a good job tolerating it when he was awake. The best part of the whole thing was that Allen got to run the bases with all the other kids at the end of the game. The video is to long to post but in it he didn't touch a single base and then fell down in the infield. It will be fun to show people when he is playing in the majors. Well besides that we looked at a lot of places to rent and spent some great time with my sisters family. It was a successful trip.

Jaron, Cheryse, and Allen cheering there little hearts out. I don't know if you can tell but Allen is screaming yeah!!!

This is Carter wearing his tolerant face.

Allen had a great time with Cheryse this day. She and Jaron had taken him to an air show while Kevin and I were house hunting. So naturally they became best of buds and he was glued to her side for the rest of the trip. Well in this video Cheryse is making Allen fly into the crowed. But by doing that he wedgied his shorts so far up his bum they almost look like underwear. Oh Cheryse!

My sister Denise looking pretty at the game.

Allen and Dad out on the field after the game. Allen had just gotten free to try to run the bases again. But he was thwarted and sadly sent off the field.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We are supposed to be moving soon. So we are trying to save as much $ as we can for the move. We are both so busy lately so we have gotten Allen a job. No, we are not above chilled labor. It is a paper route with Dad. Of course it is Dads paper route and Allen gets so excited to help. It's cute. But soon it will all be over and we will be real grown ups again living on our own. And there will be no paper route. So I have been trying to get as many pics as I can. Although I haven't done a very good job yet. Anyways here are some of his happy paper boy pics.

Allen running to get those paper delivered to the passengers on time. (No mater how may times we tell him they are called customers he still calls them passengers.)
Dad telling the paper boy were to go. Allen is not so happy at this paper drop because mom has just closed his fingers in the window. Accidentally! (I can't believe you would think that of me.)

Allen having a grate time jumping down all the stairs after they have delivered the papers.

So this ones for you Carlee. The boys and I went to the park and Allen was warring a baseball shirt. So this lady asked him if he was a baseball player. Well, even though all he dose is play baseball with Dad lately he said "No I have a soccer ball though and I kick it all the time. It is really fun." So I think your brain washing of our son went pretty well. One point for you Carlee.
It has been really hot this week. (Well, for this area.) So we decided to take the boys to Kevin's Uncles house on the water. It was going to be Carters first swimming experience. We were all really excited about it until we started swimming. Allen's head went under water for just a minute and he freaked out. He didn't even want to go near the water after that. Dad finally got him to go in one more time and swim to the water trampoline. But he was not happy about it. So we gave up on him and took Carter in the water and wouldn't ya know he screamed too. His little toes had just barely touched the water and the whaling began. So my favorite thing to do is apparently torture to my children. Oh were have I gone wrong.

At the beginning Carter was really excited and happy to be in his swimming outfit.
Allen after the underwater trauma.
You can't tell here but Carter has just started to cry.
Dad got Allen out on the water trampoline but as you can see he is still non to happy.
Once we got Carter back to the blanket. There was nothing but smiles and laughs. Even after all the tears. So it gives me hope for the future.

Monday, August 4, 2008

We went to see the Blue Angels on the last day of Sea Fair. Allen was so excited and we found a nice little park laid down our blanket and had some lunch. Then as we were eating the planes started flying. They really do some cool things. And a couple of times they flew really low right over us. Allen would wave like crazy every time. It was cute. He was so excited about the planes that he didn't tell us he had to go potty. So by the time I noticed and asked him he really had to go. Dad and I started looking around for a bathroom and when we looked back at Allen, he had just dropped his pants and let it fly right in the middle of everyone. And what do you do in that situation? Stop him? Well all I could do was hysterically laugh and say "Oh Allen please don't do that again." Boys just don't seem to care about those kinds of things and I have two of them. Lucky me! But they do keep you laughing.

Carter chilling on the blanket in the shade.
The planes.
Allen completely glued to the sky. Checking out the planes.

This was one of the coolest tricks the planes did.

Commentary with Allen about seeing and experiencing the plane show.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

For a family home evening we went to a baseball field it was a blast Allen and Carter hit some balls it was so much fun and we all had a great time. It was super windy that day so trying to take the pictures was a little hard. My hair kept getting in the way. But we did get some good shots. I think we will do this family night again.

Allen slamming the ball out of the park. Well almost, in this picture he actual hit the tee but it was only one of the few times. And of course this is the best swinging picture.
My boys on the field together. They don't look like there Dad much do they?
Me and my little bum. He looks so thrilled to be getting his picture taken.
Carter just crushing the ball like always. And Dad is just so proud.
Our family behind home plate. Aren't we so cute? We just figured out how to take a timed picture so this is our first attempt.

This is Allen's sweet double. He is still learning to drop his bat and that you have to touch all the bases (with your feet). But his sliding is getting to be really good. So watch out Ichiro!

My boys seem to be growing up so fast. Allen is working on his reading and writing. He is doing really well for a 3 1/2 years old. He is really enthusiastic about it so that's why we do it. Carter is very determined to crawl after his brother. He is just 4 months but gets up on his knees and pushes with his head. It looks kind of funny but some how he moves forward. He loves being on the floor. Allen is by far Carter's hero even over Dad. Any and every time Allen but looks at him he gives a big belly laugh. I wouldn't trade my boys for the world, they are so much fun.

My boys playing in the kick and play they just love to be together.
Carter just looks so big to me when his is up on his hands.
Carter flying in the air. In the safety of daddy arms. As you can see he loves it.
Yeah Carters walking now. Can you believe it at only 4 months. He is amazing. My kids are just the smartest. Just kidding but doesn't it look like it.