Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Whats been happening

So it has been a bit since we have up dated you all in what is happening in our lives. Carter is now 1 month and about a week. The time has been racing by. I swore I just got out of the hospital yesterday. Allen is 3 going on 5. Or so he says so. He wants to go to school so bad. He sees there play equitment and just can't wait. Kevin is the o so proud papa to both his sons. Allen and dad love to make silly faces at Carter to make him smile. And of course Carter loves it. My healing is going well. It's getting less and less often that I just have to sit down. So all in all we are just loving life and having a great time with our little growing family.
Allen and Daddy making there silly faces for Carter
And heres the always crazy Allen who happend to be wearing a matching out fit with his brother
But don't they look so dashing together in these colors

Cheryse and Jaron made a trip over to see Carter and visit with us for a bit. Don't they look so cute with a baby.
All babys are cumfy in Katrina's arms
Allen and Cheryse decided to come out in there true form.

Allen has been loving helping
mom in with dinner.
I give him some of the things
I'm cooking with and he makes
his own special creation.
Carter is just one of the cutest babys. Epecially when hes sleeping. I always end up taking about 20 pictures of him when hes sleeping. Hes just so cute.

After a long day Allen and Carter love to just relax together. The brothers love anything that has to do with each other. Both just can't wait untill it is there time to spend together.

We planed a trip up to Bellingham to show off Carter to all the family and friends up there. Carter just couldn't stop talking about how much fun he had with his cousins and grand parents.
Here Audrey and Grandma look just about as tired as Carter.