Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Allen Got An Award

We are so proud of our Allen. This month he got an award and was recognized by his school for being responsible and kind. We have always known he is amazing and awesome but it's cool that others see it too. Way to go Allen.
Allen and his award.
Up on stage with his principal during the assembly.
Still up on stage.
All the children that were recognized.
This was a really great day for Allen. Kevin, Evan and I got to come and we even got to eat cookies with the principal too.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun with the Kids

I love being a mother of 3 boys. They are always on the move and full of silliness. What more could a mother ask for. It's great.
The silliness on the menu today was jumping all over Grandma Tulett. I have never seen kids that love both there sets of Grandparent as these boys do. Evan is always getting into all the drawers and cupboards in the kitchen. But what he does with what he finds is always so cute and funny. Like oven mitts for hands.
Carter love to hide his face all the time and then pop out with a silly face. It never fails to make me laugh.
The silliness in Allen never stops. Every time you turn around he is doing something different.

Then there is just the super cuteness of a sleeping baby on a Huskies pillow pet. This is the most coveted pet in the house.

And recently Evan has started to walk. He is so proud of himself and we are too.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Carter's Field Trip

Carter had his first field trip! He was so excited. He got to ride the bus and bring home a pumpkin. He was on cloud 9 all day long.
Align CenterHere he is in his seat on the bus.Smiling though the window.The pumpkin patch had all sorts of cool things including some teepees.
We got to go on a cool hay ride though the apple orchards.
Yes, this pumpkin patch even had a Carter in an outhouse.
A bumblebee Carter.Poor Evan had to come with us too. I say poor Evan because it was during his nap.Carter and his pumpkin.
They also had some sheep and a pig. This was Carter's favorite part.
Then at the end of everything we sat down and ate some snacks. This is Marnie and Carter getting things ready.

They tried to get all the preschoolers to line up for a picture and this is all they got. Only 3 kids would do it. But it was a super fun trip and Carter had a great time.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Grandpa Meagher's 60

Grandpa Meagher had his 60th birthday party this last weekend. We got to go and celebrate with all the family over on that side of Washington. We really enjoyed getting to see everyone. And it was the first time a lot of Kevin's side of the family got to meet Evan. Oh and not to mention I got to make the cake. It was so much fun to make this one. And it seemed that everyone got a real kick out of it. Of course, I didn't take any pictures all weekend except of the cake. Sorry, but you get to see the cake.
So, if you can't guess it's a golf cake. The candles say "Oh No The Big 60" There is a sand trap with ball in it, a green, 2 sets of golf clubs, a golf cart and Grandpa Meagher.
There he is the birthday man made out of icing. Complete with Nike swoosh on his hat, shirt and sleeve.
The two golf bags with clubs. Yes, also made out of icing.
The party turned out to be really fun and the cake tasted good so I would say the whole thing was a huge success. And we can't wait till we get to see everyone again.