Monday, December 29, 2008

Ned the Snowman

It finally warmed up enough for the snow to get a little wet and sticky. Which means Allen has gotten his wish. Allen has wanted to build a snowman since the snow first came but the snow has never been able to stick together because the temperature has been hovering around 0 degrees F. So every day Allen has asked me and we have gone outside and tried to build a snowman and have never succeeded. So when we saw that it had warmed up to a much blazing 30 degrees we rushed out in the dark make us a man. It was a lot of fun playing with the boys. It was a perfect end to our family night together.
Allen is so excited that he can finally make a snow ball.
Carter is just looking cute sitting on a snow bank in the yard. His favorite thing to do in the snow that night was to eat it.
There he is... Ned Frosty Meagher. The boys just hanging out with Ned in the snow.
Ned just told Allen a funny joke. Ned just cracks Allen up. It was really nice for Allen to have someone his own size to hang out with.
All and all it was just fun playing together. We had a great time in the white stuff.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas here in the Meagher house. It was a very white Christmas which we are not used to but we loved it. There is a lot of snow I would say we have 3 feet and it is still snowing right now with no sign of stopping all week. But anyway, this was our first Christmas by ourselves. We have always gone to one of the Grandparents houses. We really enjoyed being home, it was a lot of fun. Christmas morning we got up, opened stockings, then presents, called family, played and then got ready to go eat Christmas dinner. We drove up the mountain to my sister's and then to her in-laws to eat Christmas dinner. So I guess we weren't completely alone this year. Every one was way too good to us this year. We have been really tight on money and thought it would be a thin Christmas but because of all the people (who for some reason love us) it was a very fat Christmas. People I didn't even expect things from sent the boys gifts in the mail. Everyone's generosity really brings tears to my eyes. Thank you everybody for making this one of the best Christmases we have ever had!

Dad and Allen attempting to play in the snow. The snow is so deep it is hard for Allen to do much.
Allen playing in the cave the swing set made.

Daddy and Allen jumping off the porch into the snow.

Christmas Eve we acted out Jesus birth. This is us all dressed up. We had Allen be Joseph after much convincing. He really wanted to be Nephi from the Book of Mormon.

Carter and Allen got to open there Christmas p.j.'s the night before Christmas. Aren't the so cute?
Carter just looking cute.
On Christmas Eve Carter started taking some of his first steps. It was so awesome.

Wow, Santa came! We didn't put out any of our presents until after the boy went to sleep. So they were very excited to see this Christmas morning.
Our stocking (that Kevin's Mom made for us) after Santa filled them.
The boys opening there stockings.
Carter opening a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Tulett.

Allen opening gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Meagher.
Carter enjoying his new fire truck from Santa.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beginning of the Snow

When the snow first started it was a lot for fun for Allen to go out and play in it. The only sucky part of snow is that apparently where we live now doesn't have very good packing snow. Allen has been dieing to build a snow man but every time we try it just falls apart. Poor Allen. We keep trying though.

Allen going down his snow slide.

Look how happy this kid is in the snow.

My kid just loves the snow.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I just had to blog about this so that when he doesn't say it anymore I will still remember. Anyways, Allen always says "lasterday" instead of yesterday. It's kind of a mix between last night and yesterday. He normally has such mature speech for a 3 year old that when he throws in things like that it's just really funny. Not to mention that he normally is very serious when he uses that word. Like, "No mom, I just did that lasterday. So, I don't need to do it again. I will just pick up my toys next year okay." He also has a hard time differentiating between weeks, months, and years. Which I must admit that I use to my advantage sometimes. Anyways, that's Allen's cutest word for the month and maybe even the year or week. Well, he doesn't know the difference.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two of a Kind

Yes, I know that you recognize there faces. But here they are again. My boys just love being with each other. Carter was wearing his hat and Allen just had to wear his. Allen has also been complaining a lot about Carter crying in the night. So I sat down with him and had a talk. I told him that if it bothers him so much we could move him out of the room with Carter. Then they would have there own rooms. Allen started to cry and said "Carter loves being with me in our room. I don't want to move out." It was so sweet. Then we talked about some tricks he could use to not be bothered by Carter at night. So far no more complaints and everything has been going smooth again.

There they are the cutest boys I know.

Allen just got a "learn to play the harmonica" kit from Grandma Meagher. He does okay when he is trying but Carter thinks it's so funny that Allen can't stay focused for very long. Carter gave off one of the strongest belly laughs I have ever heard. He could hardly breath. I guess it's good to have a brother. Well it's at least funny.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mary and Joseph

Kevin and I were asked to me Mary and Joseph for our ward Christmas party. I don't know why I get like this but I was way stressed about it. But as soon as we got on the stage in our bed sheets it was really not a big deal. We actually had fun. (Don't tell Crystyne that because I still plan on making her pay for telling them to ask us instead of her.) Kevin's parents got to come and see us in the play and spend some time with us this weekend too. That always makes us happy. Anyways here are some pictures of Kevin and I as the famous couple.

When I was trying on my bed sheets and shawl at home I said to Cheryse are you sure this is okay? I think I look like a middle eastern woman. She kind of cocked her head and said wasn't Mary from the middle east?! I felt really smart!

First Snow

We had our first real snow! Having snow at our house made us so excited that we couldn't pass up going to Denise's house to do some sledding. Kevin was working so it was just the boys and I that went up. We had so much fun. It seemed to take forever to get the run all groomed and stuff but once we did it was pretty decent. It had a good speed and went for quite a while. Allen could have gone down it all day and night. Carter slept in the car most of the time but still got to go down it once with me before we left. We topped the sledding off with hot cocoa and baked potatoes at my sister's house. It was lots of fun.

Carter in his snow suit. All buckled up in his car seat unable to move it reminds me of the kid in the movie A Christmas Story.

Carter playing in the snow for the first time in his life. He even got to taste some. mmmmm!

It took Carter a long time to wake up so Grandma kept him company until he was ready. Thanks Grandma.

Everyone took turns going down with Allen. Here he got to go with Auntie Denise.

Allen only walked back up the top a couple of times. Here Denise and Kaylee were nice enough to give him a ride back up.

This is Allen and Denise on one of his many sledding runs. It doesn't look like they are going very fast but I'm running after them so it's really hard to tell.


Sorry it's taken me so long to do my Thanksgiving post. We forgot to take pictures of the food and the dinner anyways. So your really not missing much. But we did have a most excellent holiday. My parents and sister came over and stayed with my sister Denise for Thanksgiving. So we all got to spend it together. This year was also the first year that my family has ever let me help or bring any food. So I was way happy to be able to participate. Last year my mother-in-law had me help her with almost all of the dinner it was a lot of fun. So it cool to be able to help again. I brought a couple of veggie dishes, an apple pie, nanaimo bars, and some of my favorite kind of cookies. It turned out to be a really yummy dinner, everything that everyone made was so good. Allen got to say the Thanksgiving dinner prayer. He was very excited and did a pretty good job. He said many things he was thankful for. Oh and not to mention, on thanksgiving day all of the group got to go roller skating for free. It was Allen's first time. I think he had fun. All and all it was an awesome holiday.

This is Carter and Coda (my sister's dog). They have a real loving relationship... as long as it is through glass.

Grandma and Grandpa Tulett and Carter. They hung out a lot while we skated. Although my mother did go skating a little bit. She is a very brave 65 year old.

Cheryse took Allen around once and ended up just pulling him most of the way.

Allen when he first put on the skates. He was so excited to get them on but, when he did and couldn't really move I think he felt a little gypped.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been tagged. I normally don't do these things but I'm at a lack of things to blog about lately so why not. Thanks Sarah. Well, here it goes 6 quirky things about me in no particular order.

1. No matter in what context it is said, I always make a silly/weird face when someone says I look good.

2. I really like eye balls. I always play with mine and when I got married I learned the hard lesson that it's not okay to touch other people's. :(

3.I can't ever seem to keep my foot out of my mouth (figuratively not literally). When a thought pops into my head (most of the time I find the thought humorous) I can't help but say it. And about 40% of the time it offends someone or it was not appropriate at that particular moment in time.

4. When I'm around someone who speaks with an accent I start to speak like them without realizing it . Most of the time people think I'm just making fun of them but the truth is that I don't even know I'm doing it.

5. I really dislike having to use the toilet. I think it's a huge waste of my time. Besides it never fails that right as I have got into that spot, (you know the one) where you are just unbelievably comfortable on the couch, I have to pee extremely bad. And I can never find that comfortable spot again. It's seriously inconvenient.

6. When ever I see a living thing (like a plant or bug) I have to name it. All the plants in my house have names and I'm known for saying things like " Aaahh, poor Hector, he was on the way to visit his girl." Right after someone steps on a spider.

So there it is. There's some of my crazy for everyone to see. I think I'm supposed to tag 2 people now. So I tag Crystyne and Carlee, sorry guys. Lets here your quirks.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Riverfront Park

I was looking online to see what would be fun to do with the family and came across this Park that is downtown. It has a outdoor ice skating rink, carousel, cable cars that take you around the city, and this cool radio flyer wagon that is ginormous. It was already dark but we decided to check it out. It is a pretty fun park. We had a really great time.

Dad and Allen in the wagon. Its a slide too!

My boys siting on the City Spokane blocs.

Carter, Allen, and Dad getting ready to go down the red wagon slide.

Allen going down the slide.

Allen and me on the blocs.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I was busy over Halloween and so I didn't get to write about this when it really happened. I thought oh well the time has past so I just won't. But seeing as I'm still dealing with the affects of the event I will tell you all about it. It started Halloween morning we were all rushing around and get things ready for Kevin's parents to visit. We were getting the house cleaned, putting up an extra bed, buying food for the weekend and, doing yard work. Well, as I said it was a little busy and so by the time we got home and were ready to do the yard work it was lunch time and had just started to rain. So, Kevin fed the kids and put them to bed while I started doing some of the work outside. The more I worked the harder it rained but it only took me about 3 hours to get it all done. Especially since once Kevin thought the kids had fallen asleep he came out to help. As soon as we were done and stepped in the door the rain miraculously stopped and out came the bright golden sun. I did a little bit of complaining but was to tired to give it much effort seeing how all morning I was deep cleaning my house and shopping. Well, that's about the time I noticed that Allen was awake. Kevin went in our room (where Allen was sleeping) and says "Oh Allen NO!" So I went in to see what the was matter, Kevin was holding an empty Windex bottle. Strange, I could have sworn that bottle was full when I was using it earlier. That's when my "Oh Allen NO!" flew out. He had taken the whole bottle of Windex and sprayed it on every base board molding around my room, all over the pack and play I had set up in there, and all over the windows (I had just washed) so that it had dripped down the walls and into the carpet. The smell was overpowering and everything was starting to feel a little water logged. Not to mention it was staining things blue. But when as I was cleaning it all up the heater kicks on. I looked at Kevin and said "Do you smell something burning?" Then before he could answer I ran to the heater and turned it off. Kevin took the face plate off and black liquid ran down. Yes, Allen had also sprayed it in the heater. That was like the straw the broke the camels back. It was just a couple of hours till we were supposed to go trick or treating and there was no way I was going to be able to clean up everything, make dinner, get kids in costumes, drive to were we were supposed to go, and be there on time. Or at least so I thought at the time. I could have killed the kid. I had to walk in the other room take some deep breaths and decide what were the most important things to get done. Luckily I made the right choices. We made a quick dinner and sped safely of to do some trick or treating. And everything ended up okay. But still to this day I'm finding different spots in my room were Allen had sprayed it with Windex and we didn't notice. What a crazy kid.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Normally, I put Allen in the bath or shower and help him for about half an hour or so. Then once he is out, all dressed, and everything it's time to start the process over with Carter. So, the other day I had an epiphany, put the boys in the bath together. I know... not rocket science, right? It has been really great. They absolutely love to play together in the water. It's so cute. Well, here are some pictures of the new exciting event that saves me a lot of time.

The boy with matching soap Mohawks.
I just really love Allen's face in this picture. Kevin thinks he looks like my nephew Tyrel.
There are my cute boys!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Grandma's Letter

Allen has been writing letters lately. He is just beginning to put the sound of letters together so that he can read words. So we thought it would be good for him to send and receive letters. That way he would have things to read with vested interest. It also is really great practice for his writing skills. Anyways he received his first return letter today. It was from Grandma Tulett. He went out and got the mail for me and read who they were for. When he saw that one said his name, his excitement could not be contained. He ripped the envelope to sheds and pulled out the letter and picture that she sent. Then we read it together. He was elated it was cute. Thanks Grandma!Allen after he realized that the letter was for him.

Tearing the envelope to pieces. As you can see his is concentrating very hard.
Allen looking at the picture that Grandma sent just before we read the letter.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Baths, Pizza and Race Cars

There hasn't been a ton of happenings lately since we have all been sick for week or so. Although our family always finds fun things to do no matter what. With kids like ours we never lack for laughs. But it seems like this last week there is always someone sleeping. So Carter has to take baths without his tub and Allen can't always play with the toys he wants to. We are all starting to feel better now though so hopefully life will get more exciting. Anyways here are some cute and fun things that have happened this last week.
Allen was taking a long nap and Carter was in need of a bath so in the sink he went. He had a blast. It was very cute.
Allen taking his long nap while Carter was in the sink. My baby has gotten so big all of a sudden. I love my little Allen.
Later in the week we went over to our friends the Borders house to play. This is Mason, Allen says he is his new best friend. It's really nice that he has another little boy to connect with. He has never had one before. Here they have made there own dinners. Yummy pizza.

This was just really cute to me. When I was little we would do this race car thing in my family. Where someone would lay on the ground and a little kid would get on and go for a race car ride. I have really fond memory's of that. So it was a lot of fun to see my little family doing it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa Meagher

Kevin's parents came to visit this last weekend. Allen was overjoyed to see Grandma and Grandpa Meagher again. He has missed them very much. It was a short visit but we all really loved having them come. As you might guess from the pictures Allen was still very much so on a sugar high. Despite all the sugar both boys were very well behaved though. We all can't wait till we can visit with them again.

Allen and Dad finishing off the last bit of candy while saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa Meagher.

The boys and their grandparents. If you can't tell from the picture the boys love to be around them.

Carter has a special relationship with his Grandma. I think they will be close throughout there lives. Carter never really cares or not cares about most people but when he sees his Grandma his face just lights up. As his mother I can't deny how much he loves her.