Saturday, November 19, 2011

First snow 2011

We have gotten our first real snow of the year. Yes, it has snowed before this, but this is the first that it has lasted. The boys have been so excited about the snow. This morning when they woke up we all looked out the window together and there was lots of "Wow snow!", and "Amazing!". It was so cute. They could hardly wait to get out in it. It has made for a super fun day.
There they are in all there silly glory.
Carter's favorite part is sticking his tongue out and catching snow flakes.
Allen's favorite part is throwing the snow in everyone's face. But he too enjoys tasting the snow.
Evan was just in awe of it all. His favorite part was everything.
Allen taking advantage of the situation and pelting his Dad in the back with a snowball.

We left the trampoline up this year to see how it would do in the snow. The kids have loved it with the snow. Evan thought it was hilarious when the snow came up and his brothers fell down. So today has turned out to be a pretty cool day.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween this year was so much fun. We went to the school party and then 2 class parties and ended with trick or treating and handing out candy at the house. Oh, and we carved pumpkins too. It was a blast.
Evan with his pumpkin. No he didn't carve his this year.
Carter with his pumpkin. Carter and Mommy worked on his together this year.
Allen and his pumpkin. Allen did most of the work by himself this year. He was so proud.
The boys and there pumpkins.
Daddy also carved a pumpkin with the boys. I think they all turned out great.
Allen and Carter's pumpkins.
All the pumpkins together.
The guys all dressed up in there costumes. Allen is a knight, Carter is a fireman, and Evan is a monster.
I love Allen's mustache. I think it makes him look like a Frenchmen. And Carter loved getting to have a beard.
Just too cute not to post.Trick or Treat!
Trick or Treat!
Our boys out gathering their loot.
At the end of the night Evan's favorite part was sorting all the candy. When the kids got home I thought they would be all about the candy. But the older boys took off doing other things and it was just Evan who was candy obsessed. It was so cute to watch how excited he was.

Allen's Halloween Party

Allen also had a Halloween Party in his class on the same day as Carter. This day being Halloween. Allen got to parade around the school, come back to class and have an obscene amount of treats, read a scary story, and play some games. Kevin, Carter, Evan, and I were lucky enough to come too.
Allen siting with his class.
His teacher took a picture of each kid in there costumes. Of course Allen did a cool pose.
Allen and Carter got to sit at his desk and eat all the treats.
Then Allen and Carter got to play a more advanced version of pass the pumpkin. Carter was so thrilled to be involved with Allen.
The whole class listening to the scary story.

The class and our boys playing pass the pumpkin.

Carter's Halloween Party

In Carter's class he had a Halloween Party. It was the cutest thing ever to see all the little 3 year olds dressed up and so excited. They had a parade of older kids in costumes come by. Then they got to eat a treat. Then play games for the rest of the day. Needless to say it was very fun.
Daddy, Evan, and Carter getting ready to get there party on.
This is Carter playing pass the pumpkin with his friends.

Evan found himself a basket to clime in so he had a great time too.

This is Carter's class playing pass the pumpkin.