Monday, June 27, 2011

Hanging with G and G Meagher

We got super lucky and had Grandma and Grandpa Meagher come for 3 days. This was one of the longest visits we have gotten them for and we loved it. We got to do lots of fun stuff. By the end all the kids and grandparents were wiped out.

First on our list of outings, was Manito Park. It has lots of gardens and fun stuff to look at. Carter's favorites are all the water features.

Our Grandma and Grandpa Meagher are always avoiding the camera at all costs. I don't think we have one good picture of them. Here Allen is trying to remedy that unsuccessfully.

Okay, I can get pictures of them but it seems the only ones I can get are of there butts.

Manito has an awesome koi pond. It has lots of fish and things like water falls and rocks to hop on. It gets a little tricky, sometimes keeping Carter from hopping right in though.

Oh yeah and there is a brdige to look at the fish from, too.

Our little Evan did great in the stroller for all that time. He is such a good little boy and so cute.

In this park there is also a duck pond. (Yes, this park has just about everything.) The kids love quaking at the ducks and looking for turtles in the water.

By the end of this park trip Carter was getting pretty sleepy and a little ornery. This is his protest to anymore walking. Poor kid.

Then next fun thing we did (not in the same day) was go to Cat Tails. It has all kinds of big cats and a bear too. I thought Carter wouldn't like it all that much, seeing as how house cats scare the pants off him. But everyone loved it. We got to learn all sorts of things about these cats and Allen is still telling everyone things he learned.

No, the boys are not just taking there picture next to this large gnome hat. There is a white tiger in the there. Not that you can tell but they are actually really close to him.

The fun didn't stop with just these events but the camera did. The whole weekend was a blast and we can't wait till they come again. Thanks for all the fun Grandma and Grandpa. We love you.

Monday, June 13, 2011

First Cake I Ever Sold!

Yes! I sold my first cake last weekend. Well, I really sold two at the same time but this one was my first. I was also asked to make one for this weekend too. I can't believe people would pay me for this. It adds a lot of pressure when someone is paying you though. But despite the pressure I had so much fun making this cake. Well anyways, here it is.

Again I had so much fun making this cake. A special thanks to Kirsteen for asking me to do this for her instead of going to a professional. I feel so privileged to know that people think my cakes are good enough to pay for.