Thursday, December 31, 2009

Catch up

So, it has been a bit since we have blogged. Sorry about that, but here are the goings on with us lately.

As you can see Allen has glasses now. Little did we know he is just about as blind as a bat. But not any more with his cool new glasses.
Poor Carter has this (apparently common and no big deal) virus that is called throat, hand, and foot disease. It's all over his body and looks horirble. He is getting through it pretty well though. He has just been living in a baking soda bath.
Sorry again that the Christmas ones are backwards. This is Carter opening his stocking. He liked the oranges best. That a boy.
Allen opening his stocking. This is a little snowman fishing toy and candy.
Christmas morning. Santa came!!
And he put stuff in our stockings.
All our presents. Thanks Santa!
Christmas eve we always tell the story of Jesus birth and play Christmas games together.
Opening the Christmas eve jammies.
Carter's jams
We also did our gingerbread Christmas eve too.
Allen with Santa at Kevin's work party. Allen was like the only kid there at the time so he got to spend a hole lot of time with the big guy.
Oh yeah, we are having another child. This one will be coming to live with us on August 7th. We are all crossing our fingers for a girl. Well except for Allen he is praying for one every night. He says he already has a brother and doesn't need another one.
Allen also gave another talk in church. Kevin went up with him to help and we realized they were twiners that day. My cute little Father and Son team. Well I think you are caught up for the most part on the happenings in the Meagher house. Happy Holidays.