Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm such a proud Mumum today. Two days ago Carter said his first word. (You know in his own baby way) As you could have guessed Allen's first word was Dada. Allen has always seemed to like Dad best ever since he was a baby. Not that he doesn't obviously love me too, but Dad is just way more fun and exciting. Carter's first word though is Mumum. I'm so happy that it is my name this time. I know, I know it's dumb, and seams petty, but it gives me joy. And not only does he say my name he also says it when Dad is holding him and he is looking at me. Like he knows what Mumum means. When he does that I just can't help but smile. And yes, I know, I'm a way obsessed and over excited parent. But it just makes me happy. Even when Allen did learn my name he only said it when he was crying. So to have Carter say my name first and when he is happy really means something to me.

My baby boy and Me.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today Kevin and I have been married 5 years. And I hate to do one of those sappy love posts but, I just can't not say this. I truly love Kevin more today then I could have ever dreamed of when we got married. I love him not only for his good looks (which you may have thought is why I married him) but because of the qualities he possesses. I love him for the sweet and caring way he goes about his life. He is always trying to make me happy even when I can't imagine that he doesn't want to just choke me. For the way he loves me so much that I know no matter what kind of troubles we are going though it will be okay, because we will always be together in the end. I love him for the way he seems to become an even better person every year. I just love him, love him, love him. I just can't seem to say it enough. So sorry, everyone, to make you read all that mushy stuff but it just had to be said. Kevin is the greatest guy I have ever known and I feel as though I am the luckiest girl in the world to be married to him. I would never be able to let him go for anything and I just can't wait for 5 more years to spend with him. He is my best friend in the whole world. Kevin I love you. And once again, sorry everyone.

This is Kevin and me on our honeymoon.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Allen just loves doing anything that Dad is doing. And Dad has been doing a lot of studying lately. So Allen will grab his computer and pull it up right next to Dad. It is just the cutest thing to walk in on. Allen has been very good at letting Dad study. But when he just can't stand to not have Dad's attention he will do something like that with the computer, read one of his books or sit and practice his writing. He has been so good about all the changes our family has done lately. I, on the other hand, am having a little bit of a hard time having Kevin just in the other room and leaving him alone, especially when the kids have gone to bed. I think I'm just going to need a really great book to read or something. Then I could have something that I could do right next to him. Not so diffrent from what Allen does. Children are the best teachers I guess. So if anyone has a really great book that they love or just like or whatever let me know and so I can give it a try. That would be great.
Just look how hard the are both working. There faces are just so serious.
This picture of Allen makes me laugh. This is his face he gets when you say smile for the camera.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I love to document my kids firsts at things. (As every parent does.) And here are some of my boys firsts lately. We went to a park near Cheryse's house and they had a baby swing and a tire swing. Carter rode a real swing for the first time and Allen had a first on the tire swing. Carter also has just started to really enjoy his baths. It is very cute and wet to watch him. And...what for it... the big news is Carter has just started to crawl! Carter just turned 6 months and is now a mobile baby. He is so proud of himself.

Carter on the swing. Not that you could tell but his feet were kicking about hundred miles an hour.
Cheryse and Allen on the tire swing. They both got really dizzy and had lots of fun.
Me and my boys.
Cheryse and Allen going down the slide. Don't they look so cute. (You just have to love Allen's smile for the camera face. All our pictures of him look like that lately.)
Oh how he loves being nude lately.
Splishing and a splashing
Allen loves to help bathe Carter. Sometime it's more help then anyone would ever want. But it is cute to see them playing together never the less.

Here is what all the grandmas have been waiting for. THE CRAWLING CARTER! He is making progress so fast every day he gets more stable and faster.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm so excited! I don't know if I'm allowed to tell my great news yet though. So I will get around it by posing this question to you all. So, if one of my brothers' wives happend to be pregnant which one would you say it was? Not that I'm saying one of them are.... Oh yes I am! Can you guess wh0? Tell me what your guess is (Andrea, Carlee, or Laura) and if your right I will let you know. I'm just so excited!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm so excited that I now live next to my sister Denise. She is really into canning and food storage and that kind of thing. So now I get to pick her brain and work with her to get my food storage together. We did some salsa yesterday. It was really fun. Although it was long and today I have a new callus on my finger from chopping so many tomatoes. I got 22 jars and it only cost me $16.50. I think that to buy a quart size of salsa in the store it would be around $5.00 for one. So that makes it a lot cheaper and it tastes better too. Well anyways, here are some pics from my salsa experience.

The salsa all canned up and ready to eat. Isn't it just beautiful?

Carter was a really good baby all day and night. Just look at how much fun he is having.
Here's Cheryse operating on the jalapeno peppers. Scalpel, stat! But with a smile.
Myself chopping tomatoes. Yeah, I really am that special.
Allen did really well that day too. But he kept asking if he could have a friend. Cheryse filled in when she could.

The boys got a little jealous when I was taking a pic of the salsa so here are the boys with the salsa. Carter really was having a good time sitting there although it looks like he was just caught stealing the salsa. Well there are our salsa experience pic.

We went over to my sister Denise's house yesterday for a birthday bash. You see, it was recently my sister Tammy's birthday and today it is my sister Kim's birthday and tomorrow is my brother Jeff's birthday. So we decided that since we live so far away and can't eat the cake that they are having, we would eat one in there honor. It was soooo good. Wow you guys should really have tasted it. To bad the birthday people couldn't be there. Well, it just proves we were thinking of ya. We love all of you birthday people. Happy Birthday!

There we are. I don't know if you can tell but Allen is crying. He was just so sad that the birthday people couldn't be there. Well, not really but it sounds
good doesn't it?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I don't know why but Allen will pick one movie that he will be obsessed with for like a month. Well, this month is Toy Story. We have watched it so much my dreams are even starting to resemble the movie. I have been trying to get him to watch something else but he always says "No thanks I just want to watch Woody and Buzz." The fact that he doesn't even call it Toy Story anymore makes me laugh. It is like he knows them personally. I can't get him to stop jumping onto my couches while shouting the phrase "To infinity and beyond!" He is also a little sad that his toys don't come to life. He keeps asking me why do they in the movie then? I just can't wait till he is done with the Toy Story phase.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Meagher! This posts for you on your special day. We are all so sad we couldn't be there with you today. But this is just to show that we have been thinking of you. We all love you and miss you already. Hope your day has been fun. We love you, happy birthday.

With Love Your Favorite People

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The weekend after we moved, my best friend Ameila got married. As I said earlier, Allen was the ring bearer and I was a bridesmaid. So, we drove back for her wedding on Vashon Island. We got to Kevin's parents late Friday night and then woke up at 5am Saturday morning so we could be over there by 8. So, it made for a really long day. But we had a great time despite our sleepiness. Allen was so cute in his tux I just couldn't get over it. Well here are our pics from the fun day at the wedding.

Allen and Ann blowing bubbles while all the girls got ready for the wedding. Ann was one of the brides maids and one of my new favorite people. She is so funny!

Amelia going crazy putting flowers together before the wedding. She did all her own flower arrangements. We all tried to help but it took a long time and who would have thought that flower tape was so sticky.

Ameila getting her last touches put on before the wedding. Doesn't she look so pretty.

Our little ring bearer and the twin flower girls. They all looked so cute together.

Me and one of the groomsmen walking down the aisle. It felt really weird having my arm around anyone besides Kevin. At least he was married too.

Allen and the girls walking down the aisle.

Ameila and her dad walking down the aisle. Daddy and daughter looking so cute.

Allen had to stand at the front during the whole wedding. He did such a great job. His feet didn't move once.

And now you may kiss the bride.

It was so funny everyone threw bird friendly rice and just as this pic was taken one went in her eye. (or is he really excited and she just realized she made the biggest mistake of her life?) No, no, no, she is really just as excited as he is, but this pic cracks me up.

Ameila can never just smile for pics. We tried really hard to get her to practice but this is probably the best smile I got.

Allen and one of the flower girls waiting for there turn to get pics taken.

Allen was probably the most popular person at the wedding. He was asked to dance by ladies of all ages. They all just loved to watch him shake his grove thing.

By the end of the day Allen had it. He was so good all day but as soon as we got to the car he crashed hard and didn't wake up again until morning.

So in the first week we have been here in our new town we haven't done much but unpack and get the phone hooked up and all that kind of stuff. But on Wednesday we decided to give ourselves a little bit of fun time. So we drove way out in the middle of nowhere to this little petting farm the my nieces Kayle and Tosha work at. We were given a private tour for free. It was really good for Allen to get out and do something fun. He was getting a little cabin fever. We saw all sorts of animals and had a good time.

Allen and Cheryse with Taluce the goose. Her and Allen had a great game of tag. It lasted for at least 15 minutes until Cheryse assisted.

There was a bunch of baby bunnies there. They were very cute. Here Allen is trying to feed it some food. It wasn't very interested. Allen and I wall looking at the pictures to put on the blog named them Browny, Spotty, Blacky, Cotton Tail, and Herbert Nininger.

Allen was acting up so we decided to cage him. No, I don't think you can see him but he was playing with the little kittens.

Here Carter is making fun of the llama's face. He had so much fun with that llama. That kid just cracks me up sometimes.

After we had seen all the animals Allen and the girls feed them some hay. This chicken was really into the food.

So we're here! We made it through our move. We made it through our moving truck being given away, my car having huge problems, my niece Audrey getting 3rd degree burns the night before we moved, not being completely packed while the guys came to load us into the truck, and all the mental stress we could handle. We made it! Now we have our cute little house all to ourselves. And I got to make a super spicy dinner the other night that I haven't had in a long time. It was soooo good! It feels good to be a grown up again. Although I do miss those live-in baby sitters. And special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Meagher, Grandma and Grandpa Tulett, everyone who loaded and unloaded us, and my sister for the groceries she brought over. We could not have done it with out any one of you. Thank you all so much.