Monday, August 30, 2010

This and That

Here are some of the little things that happened two weeks ago. Evan got to go to church for the first time, Allen no longer needs his training wheels on his bike, and just some other fun things. Unfortunately right after this week I threw my back out and so now between my surgery incision hurting and my back causing me to be immobilized nothing much has gone on since then.
My sleeping Evan. Getting ready for Evan's first day at church.
He was so excited he was dancing Micheal Jackson's thriller.
Wow how my babies have grown. Allen got bathed in this until he was 1 1/2.
Carter is just 6 months older than Allen was when he stopped getting washed in this tub. He is so big.

Allen riding his bike without training wheels. He no longer needs them now. Sorry the video isn't the best.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cousins... Identical Cousins

Okay so not quite identical but very cute none the less. Here we have Jayden (on the left) and our boy Evan (on the right). Jayden is my great niece if you can believe it and she is about 2 months old. Evan is 3 weeks old and I think he remembers her from heaven or something cuz he really wanted to get a good look at her the whole time. It was so much fun getting these two together.

The babies.

There first look at each other.
And a picture with Allen because he just can never be left out of anything.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Evan Pictures

Here are some more pictures of Evan like I promised. Some are from the hospital all the way up to about last week. Enjoy!

This is one day in the hospital when we all took a nap. I could get Kevin to wake up so I took his picture instead. Aren't they so funny looking sleeping together?
First time in the car seat. Thanks to all the family that bought it for us.

First time sleeping in his bed.

Just sleeping baby cuteness.

What We've Been Up To

There is a lot to catch up on so hold on tight and we will go through this quick. Allen played T-ball over the summer and Kevin got to coach his team. Then in June my first great niece was born. She is super cute and her name is Jayden. A little after she was born Grandma Meagher came to visit (Just cuz she loves us so much). We took her to our first 3D movie experience. We saw Toy Story 3, Carter's favorite. Oh yeah, and after that I had the wonderful experience of being gut like a fish... I mean I had a baby. Our sweet little Evan boy. Well, there was actually a lot more that happened over that time but all you get is the highlights, sorry. Now on to the pictures.

Allen posing for the camera in his new T-ball clothes. Sorry, I have been corrected uniform.
Catching a pretend grounder.
Pretend pop fly.
And of course the pretend line drive.
So this is the beginning of the pictures at the games. Allen was #2 because it was his Dad's number.
One of my favorite action shots. And yes he got the ball.
This is Kevin trying to get a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds to stand in the line up. Never and easy task.
Carter and I went to most of the games but he had a really hard time to begin with because Allen got to play and Dad got to play. Why on earth can't he play? It was a hard lesson that sometimes ended with time out in the car. Poor Carter.
Sometimes Coach Meagher would shake up the players before they went up to bat. Just to loosen them up a bit.
Out in the field.
Carter watching from the side lines. He always had to have his bat, ball, sippy, Woody (you know from Toy Story), and his blanket.
My Blue Thunder boy after the game. Aren't they just the cutest?This is Jayden. I'm not sure why the picture came out upside down but here she is anyways. You can just stand on your head for a minute.
This is when we went to the movie (Toy Story 3) with Grandma Meagher. I love this picture of Allen. What a goofy kid.
And here is Carter always drinking. I think it's funny how Kevin and his mom almost have the same expression.
Ah now on to the baby. Here is my Evan Michael Meagher. Kevin got to help out with a lot more this time. During surgery the doctor explained a lot to him and was telling him what all my parts were. I didn't really care for that but it was a lot of fun for Kevin. Then after the boy was born, Kevin got to help cut the rest of the cord off and clean him up. It was a lot of fun for Kevin not so much fun for me but I got a baby out of it so I guess it's okay.
My cute little guys foot. I just love there little feet and hands.
Evan getting all washed up after being ripped out of his mother. I mean being born.
Still bathing but a lot less happy about it.
And here is when everyone came that night to meet the little guy for the first time. Allen loved holding him but Carter was so tired and excited that he couldn't sit still. If I do recall though he gave Evan a little kiss and said baby.
Grandma Tulett with Evan.
And last but not least Grandma Meagher with Evan. Hopefully I will get even more pictures of him up here for everyone soon.