Sunday, May 11, 2008

Well here's some of my favorite pictures of Carter's special day. Kevin gave Carter a really wonderful blessing and it felt so good to have my brothers and dad there in the circle. Kevin's family was also there at church. It just made Kevin and I feel so wonderful to have both our families all there. Afterwards, we all came back to Kevin's parents house for a little party. It's always a blast to have us all get together. And, wow, look how great everyone looks. Especially in the party pictures.

Grandpa Meagher and Allen right before we left for church. They were so good looking together we just had to take a picture. Its not to often we get grandpa in a suit so its quite an occasion
Here's Carter in his blessing suit he was so cute in white. He's winking as if to say yeah I know I'm good looking.
Oh my Allen always the ham. But way to cute not to be one anyways.
Grandma Tulett and Carter getting there snuggles in.
Amber and Carter were together most of the afternoon. That girl loves babys and I have to say they love her too.
Here we all are at the after party. It was a beautiful day.

Jeff, Andrea, Laura, and Daniel eating outside.
Oh this is just a lovely picture of Grandma and Grandpa Meagher eating. And you know they are eating because you can see the food right in Kevin's dads mouth.
This is Chris and Samuel. You can't see it but Samuel has a plate full of processed cheese.
Oh yes always a beauty.
Yes everyone was enjoying the food even Greg.

My biggest little boy doing one of our favorite stunts. He's our little dare devil.