Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The New Place

We moved last week to a new rental house. It's a lot bigger then our last place and we are loving it so far. The house is in a better neighborhood and isn't costing us much more then we were paying for our old house. We are still getting everything set up like we want and we haven't put things like pictures up on the wall yet. However, we are pretty settled in already. So here it is our new place.
This is the house. We're on a nice corner lot and like the neighbors so far.
We now have a nice big backyard that is fenced all the way around. We still need to set up the swing set and the trampoline but it's already more fun.
Here is the kitchen. Nothing fancy but we have room for our table and room to use it too.
This is the living room. From the front door you come up the stairs and into this room. It fits all the furniture and also has a wood burning fire place.
In the new house Evan has his own room. We all like that a lot more than him in mom and dad's room for many... many reasons.
Downstairs there is a family room and that is where the T.V. and all the fun stuff is.
This is the other side of the family room. This side has a place for all the toys. There is also a second bathroom off this room.
Also, downstairs is Allen and Carter's room. They really like having there beds next to one another instead of on top of one another. There is much more to this house but now you have the highlights and if you want to see more you will have to come and visit. I would highly suggest the visiting part.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Look Who's Helping Now

Carter has been more interested in Evan lately. Well, at least his toys. He love to get right in and help out with the baby. When I took these pictures it reminded me of when we first moved into this house and Allen was the one helping give baby Carter a bath. I just love that my boys all love to help take care of one another.

The happy helper and his muse.

My two cute littlest boys.