Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Allen's Cross Country

Allen did cross country for the first time this year. I was surprised that they start the kids so young but we were happy. Allen really enjoyed it and learned a lot. His first race he did a lot of sprinting and then walking. By the last race he was doing a nice jog all the way though. I think if he chooses to do it again next year he will do really well.
Allen with his team waiting to get on the bus. We took this picture as we were driving by.
Allen is sitting with his team waiting for his age groups turn to race.
I'm not sure why but my boys always seem to do this super cheese smile for pictures. Silly.
During Allen's first race it was raining and so we were all hunkered down under the umbrella.
Allen and his age group lining up to race.Here he comes around the corner. Look at those arms just a going.
This is Allen just after his first race. He was the 33 person to cross the finish line. I'm not to sure what this lady is doing behind him but thank goodness for that rope keeping her out.
Carter is by far Allen's number one fan. It's so cute how much he looks up to him. Way to go Allen.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Too Cool For The Doctors

Evan had a Doctor appointment and wouldn't take his sun glasses off. I got him to take off all his clothes for the nurse to weigh him. But not the glasses. They had to stay on. It was just to cute not to share.

I think the best part of the picture is that he is drinking his bottle like yeah babies can be cool too.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Great Bike Race

Carter and Allen did a bike race in the park over the weekend. It was so cute to see them so excited on there bikes. The whole experience was pretty cool. They got bags full of stuff like first aid kits, energy drinks, and more. They even helped the kids stretch out before there races.

There they are getting ready for there races. Got there #s and everything.
Carter got to do a cool little trike race. It was cute seeing all the little ones on there trikes. Carter did pretty good but he was not the winner.
Carter just finished and Allen is getting ready for his.
Allen in the line up ready to race. He was so excited because his really good friend Elli showed up too.
Allen was every serious about racing but his friend wasn't and Allen ended up falling hard on the first turn. He was bleeding pretty bad and didn't get to finish the race. He was really upset about that but he was even more upset at his friend that ran into him. But all and all I think the boys had fun and would do it again.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Fair

Grandma Meagher came this weekend and we all went to the Fair. We all had so much fun and I think she did too. We got almost everything in that we wanted to see before the kids melted down which is always nice too.
Here is the guys with a big black cow in the back ground. Carter really seems to love cows lately and so this was one of his favorite things.Yes this is Evan with a goat. And no he doesn't look to thrilled, but it was nap time. I bet he would love the goat if it wasn't in the way of him and his bed.
There was this cute little goat that you could pet. Cutest little thing ever but Allen wouldn't go anywhere near it. Oh well, maybe next year.
Okay by far the kids favorite thing was going on the rides. It was so cute to see the boys doing this together.
But of as you could have guessed Dad can't just watch the kids on rides he has to go on them too.
Allen decided that this year he was going to do the mutton busting for sure. He was so brave.
Here he is with Dad after he rode the sheep.
This is just before he got on the sheep. Sorry the pics are out of order.

Here he is riding that sheep. Goooo Allen!
Since Allen got to ride a sheep. Carter got to go in this bubble thing. They fill it up with air and zip him in. It is like a large hamster ball on water.
This is Carter getting in and them filling it up with air.

Here is just a quick video of Carter in the bubble. Well that was our fun day at the Fair. Sorry no pictures of Grandma but she really doesn't like getting her picture taken so I didn't torture her this time.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Carter's first day of Preschool

Carter's first day of school was one week later then Allen so when it was his turn to go he was so ready. Carter really loves his preschool class and his room is right across the hall from Allen's. Carter really seems to get so much out of his preschool that I just can't justify keeping him home. Although I would really like to. It seems like he is just growing up too fast and I'm not ready for that yet.
There he is. Doesn't he look so excited?
Carter has a cute little cubby to keep his stuff in. Inside is his picture next to his name so he can learn to recognize his name more.They start out in the morning with three stations to choose from. So he goes to the choice board and verbally picks one. Then he gets to play.
Here is Carter and his teacher Jessieanna. They are fishing for colors.

Besides Carter's teacher there are also two teachers aids. At the end of the day Carter gets to walk out with one of the aids and come home with me. That's my favorite part.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Allen's first day of first grade

It was Allen's first day of school today. He was so excited and could hardly wait to get there. He also was all about posing for the camera.
As you can tell Carter was really excited about Allen going too. It lasted until he realized that he didn't get to start school until next week.
Dad made a quick stop home to say goodbye to Allen before he went to school.
His new name tag at his new desk.
New friends at his new table in his new class at his new school.
And yes he has a locker this year. How cool is that to get a locker in 1st grade.
We get to pick him up in front of the school and it was a little crazy because everyone had a parent come to pick them up today.
After school the sun is really bright. But he loved it.