Sunday, March 22, 2009

Church Talk

Today in church it was Allen's first talk in primary. The topic was on family. He has been so excited about it. He practiced several times at home and did pretty great. We didn't know how he would do in primary though. You know in front of all the other kids. But he did awesome. We are so proud of our big little kid. Man, he's grown up to fast.
Allen and Dad getting ready for Allen's first talk in church. Don't they just look so handsome?
The talk in church. I love the song the best. Great job Allen!

Happy 1st Birthday Carter!

Carter turned one on March 20th. It does not seem like he has been a baby for very long. He is so determined to grow up I swear he missed the baby stage all together. This is a picture of him shortly after he came home from the hospital. He was such a cute little guy. And now he is really a little man. He loves to run, jump, squeal, and babble. He really brings a lot of laughs and joy to our home. I don't even remember what life was like before he came to live with us. I love you my little boy. Happy first Birthday!

Carter got this Mariners hat for his birthday. Dad picked it out for him all by himself. And doesn't he just look so handsome in it?
Allen wrapped all the presents and wrote who they were from on them. We didn't even help him. He knows how to spell and write each name. This one says Mom, Dad, and Allen.
Carter and I opening presents. He had just opened the one from Dad that had the hat in it.
Allen was so excited for Carter's birthday that he made several pictures for him. All with Carter's name on them along with some presents and birthday cake. It was really cute, but Carter had a hard time being the center of attention.
Allen's gift to Carter was a wobbly penguin. Who is about to get punted across the floor.
His last gift was his swing to put on the swing set. The first time we put him in it and pushed there was nothing but a look of shear terror on his face. But once he realized nothing bad was going to happen he really had a blast in it. So much that he cried when it was time to get out.
The happy swinging kid with his bat that is his new favorite toy. He carries it everywhere.
The only time he lets go of the little bat is when it is being upgraded for a bigger one. After we did the swinging, Allen wanted to play baseball (big surprise). So we all played a little baseball in the yard and Carter got a few lessons from his big brother.
He hit the ball so far the first time he couldn't even see where it went.

Here is a video of one of Allen's baseball lessons for Carter.
This is Carter's wicked awesome Golf Cart Cake. Carter has really loved playing with Allen's golf set lately so Kevin thought that he would make him a golf bag cake. Well we didn't have the stuff to make that one but we did to make this one. So, Dad made this cake for Carter. I think it is way cool.
The back end.
And a side shot.
To eat the cake and play a little we went to our friends, the Border's, house. This is Crystyne and Carter as we sang Happy Birthday.

This is the video of us singing happy birthday to Carter and his big brother helping him blow out the candle.
Carter loved his cake, and thought it was tasty too.
Mmm finger lickin' good.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

6th of 6th

Well, here it is my tag. The 6th picture file and the 6th picture in it. This is Kevin in a mini musical play at Bellevue Community College. He is playing Nicely Nicely from Guys and Dolls and singing Sit Down Your Rocking The Boat. Poor Kevin, he is not going to be so happy that he was in the picture. Oh well. I tag Crystyne, Jamie, and Jynessa. Hope yours isn't as embarrassing as this one will be to Kevin.

Grandma and Grandpa Meagher's

Towards the end of our trip to the coast we got to spend time with Kevin's side for the family. We had a multi birthday party when we were there for Allen, Carter, Bryan, (Kevin's brother) and Kevin. It made for a really long version of the happy birthday song. It was great. We love it where we are now but really miss all the people in Bellevue. We miss all of our family so much.This is the awesome cake that Grandma made for all the birthday people. It had no eggs or milk (because of allergies in the family) it was very delicious, despite what you might think.
Everyone singing happy birthday and then doing the fun part of blowing out the candles.Allen and his cousin Max pulling out the candles and giving them a good lickin'.
Carter was really enjoying the little bites of cake he was given.
Carter and Dad reading the birthday cards.
Carter opening his gifts. After opening he promptly washed them with his goober.
Allen and Max opening there new outfits they got from Grandma. She always picks the best clothes.
Carter didn't really want to rip the paper but he did love playing with the toys once they were out.
Allen was super excited to get money in his card.
Allen loved being at Grandma and Grandpa Meagher's house. We all would have loved to be able to just bring them back with us. It was a really great trip.

Grandma and Grandpa Tulett's

We took a short visit to the coast last weekend and saw most of my family and some friends in the area. We had a great time. It really made us miss that part of Washington. We will always love it over there.We got to see my parent's new house. It was really cute and felt super cozy. This is Grandma and the boys snuggling after waking up from there naps.
Because we have had so many birthdays in this month and last month we had a big party. All my family in the area came. It was a ton of fun.
All the kids eating there cupcakes at the table. Audrey looks like she has a milk mustache.
Yummy cupcake!
I'm pretty sure all Audrey ate was the icing. But she looks like she liked it.
Grandpa requested that Carter get to eat his own cup cake. He liked it!
He got pretty messssy.
And then there were some presents. A cool activity book and some sticky catching hands for Allen and an outfit and a book for Carter.
The sticky catching hands.

The kids all had a great time trying to figure out how to get the hands to work. Everyone else had a great time laughing at there attempts. All in all he had a great time with my family.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

La Fora! (Outside)

We have finally had enough of winter and just made the decision to pretend that there isn't still snow on the ground. So today we went out for a walk and such with the kids. It felt really great to be able to get outside again. When we got back Allen insisted that we play some ball in the yard. We all had a blast. We can't wait till real summer comes.
The men and I out on our walk/bike ride/stroll.
The littlest man strolling.
The biggest little man riding. (This ones for Jeff Borders. I guess chin straps make just about anyone's face look fat.)
Daddy and Carter playing ball with Allen.
Carter anticipating the ball and his swing. He is very serious when it comes to batting.
And then Carter got cold and it wasn't fun for him anymore. Just look at that sad face. Poor little brother.

Daddy and Carter were throwing to Allen and he was just crushing the ball. It looks like his baseball practices have been paying off.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Big boy checkup

Allen had his 4 year check up at the doctor's yesterday. They said that he is very healthy and smart. He got all his shots that he would need for kindergarten when he turns 5. He got 5 shots in all and didn't move when he got them. The nurse said he was the best 4 year old she has ever given shots to. We are so proud of him. He was also in the 50th percentile for height and the 70th percentile for weight. I don't really understand that one because he is always the skinny little light weight out of all his friends. I guess he must just be all muscle. The doctor was most impressed with Allen because she would ask him what letter words start with and he got it right every time. I just love my smart little boy. Oh, excuse me, my smart big boy now.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Daddy's 31st Birthday

Kevin had his 31st birthday on Sunday. We had an awesome time together Saturday. We all went shopping for Dad's presents and that night Kevin and I went on a date. Nothing seemed to turn out as planned but, we had a lot of fun together. For our date we ended up eating at P.F. Chang's, then went and saw a movie. I won't tell you the name of it to save Kevin embarrassment. It was all really good though. The next day (on Kevin's birthday) Allen, Carter and I let Dad sleep in and when he woke up we gave him his presents. Allen was super excited and so was Kevin. Carter didn't really know what was going on. He got a watch, pillow, shirts, swedish fish, mints, and some razor blades. Then Allen and I made his cake and off we went to church. When we got home we had the dinner of Dad's request, Cajun chicken, red spuds with ranch seasoning, and corn. Then we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY and ate the cake. It was a really awesome two days. Happy Birthday Kevin we love you. Sorry the pictures are kind of out of order but at least there up there right?
Carter thought that cake was finger licking good.
Who me? I didn't eat any cake.
Carter going at the cake.
Dad going at the cake
Kevin eating Dad.
The boys blowing out Dad's candles.
Singing Happy Birthday.
Dad with his spectacular cake that Allen and I made.