Saturday, November 13, 2010

80's Birthday Cake

Here is my newest creation. I made this for my two friends, Crystal and Jamie's 30th birthday party. They wanted and 80's theme. And this is what I came up with. We have Jamie on the left and Crystal on the right all dressed up in there 80's clothing. They are sitting on a cassette tape. I think it turned out pretty good. As with all of my cakes I have made, I think I can do it better the next time.

Fall into the park

My brother Greg and his family came to visit last weekend. We all decided to go for a walk through the park downtown. My parents' exchange student Mimi had never been there before so we took our time and went through the whole thing. It turned out to be a really nice fall day. It didn't start to rain until we left. It was super nice to spend some time with all of them. I do miss them so. Well, here are some of the fun little moments we had.
Emily and Allen sitting on the trash goat. Carter wouldn't go near it because of the loud vacuum sound it made. Standing on the wall looking at ducks. Emily and Carter peeking over the bridge. Mimi going down the radio flyer wagon slide. Natalie has this super awesome camera that she let Allen take some pictures with. Allen going down the red wagon slide. Carter and Dad way up on top of the wagon. Allen is riding a large blue bug that is just randomly placed in the park. Happy baby Evan. He loves being outside. You just got to love baby smiles. Grandpa Tulett and Greg walking though the park. Carter really liked watching the water flow under the bridge. Me and my boy Carter. Checking out the water. Natalie and Allen playing on the toys. Last but not least Carter swinging.