Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kid Casinos

I was extremely shocked and surprised to find out yesterday that there are small beginner casinos for kids. They are masquerading them as Chuck E Cheeses. I myself had never been to a Chuck E Cheeses until yesterday. I had only heard of how much fun they were for kids but kind of crazy for parents. Once we got inside I kept thinking this place reminds me of something. What does this place remind me of? Then it hit me. A casino! You can't even deny it. That's what it is like. We did have a great time and we'll probably go back again. But I might have to pray about it first. Just kidding. But think about it. Can you see it? Its a kid's casino.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

We got to go and carve pumpkins with our new friends the Borders and her brothers family. We had a really great time. Allen gets along with there son really well. So for the most part the boys played and we carved pumpkins. All and all it was dirty, slimy and a little gross but we had fun. Thanks Borders!
Our awesome pumpkins. As you might notice mine is the best. No, they are all cool.
This is the one Kevin and Allen did.
This is the one Allen and I did.
In order there is mine, the Border's, Kevin's, and her brothers family's.


Here are a few of our everyday happenings that I think are kind of cute. Every time Dad has to leave for school the boys climb on him and give him sad faces. They think if they do this that he will stay and play with them. Although it never works. Shortly after Dad leaves the boys get over it and go off to play. Carter (who is overly mobile now) crawls all the way into the play room and starts his play time with out delay. Soon after Allen will go in and complain that all his toys have been gooberd. As far as bed time goes I try to put Carter down for his nap first. When I tried to put the boys down together they just laughed and played with each other and it ended up that no one got any sleep. So, Allen gets to stay up a little longer. While Carter stands up in his crib and bangs on the wall to get out. He doesn't cry just kind of grunt as if to say let me out of here. Well that's it. Not to exciting but I think its kind of cute.
The boys and Dad doing their does Dad really have to go faces. Carter has been working on his face a lot lately. As you can see it still needs some work. The bottom lip is supposed to go out not in baby.
Carter in the play room loving it up and spreading that sweet goober all over Allen's toys.
Here's my boy in his crib banging on the wall to get out. I don't even know how he would think to do that.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin picking

Today we went as a family to the pumpkin patch. Allen got to pick out one pumpkin that he liked and take it home. He had a great time running around in all the pumpkins. It was a pretty cool place. They had an apple picking ride were you got to go through the orchard and pick some apples to take home. They also had some kiddy rids, lots of cool things for sale, a big potato sack slide, hay maze, and a sweet pea pit. Allen had a blast with everything. The only downfall to the day was how windy it was. We couldn't even take Carter out of the stroller for one second. So he didn't get to see anything. All and all though it was a great family day.

Allen and his pumpkin. He was just so excited.

Once again Allen and his pumpkin. But he just looks so cute in this picture.
It was so cold that we all got some apple cider and hot cocoa.
Allen climbing all over the hay maze.
Allen would run ahead in the hay maze and try to scare me.
Even though I was freezing the whole time this was the only thing that Allen did that let me know he was cold.
So, poor Carter didn't get to play at the pumpkin patch but he did have fun with the pumpkin when we got home.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

There are some really cute things Allen has been saying lately. He's getting funnier and funnier as he gets older. I think he might be a comedian some day. Who knows? He is also extremely sweet too. He came up to me yesterday out of the blue and said "Mom, can I give you a hug and kiss just cuz I love you so much?" It was one of those big "aahh" moments for me. Also, that day he was complaining, "My stomach hurts. I need a vitamin." Then all of a sudden he goes "Nope, I was wrong, I just needed to go potty and the potty went the wrong way up to my brain." Where on earth would he come up with that? Kevin and I just had to crack up. Sometimes my kids are the funniest people to hang out with.

Allen, he's my kind of guy!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The day has arrived! My baby Carter has just got his first tooth. It's the bottom front right one. We have been going through a lot of teething crankiness but hopefully we will get a brake from that for a bit since the tooth has broken through now. It seems to me that 6 months is a little early for teeth but Carter seems to do everything in his own time, which has been much much faster then Allen ever did. As I am writing this he is pulling himself up on the piano bench. I'm really not ready for that. I wish he would just slow down a little bit so that I could catch up. I still haven't baby proofed the floor yet. This one is going to keep me on my toes.

Carter wearing Allen's hat with his new tooth that you can't see.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My little baby has gotten his first crawling battle bump. Today when I walked out to the living room to feed Carter I saw this really red mark on his cheek. In shock I asked Kevin what happened. Well, apparently he had crawled up to the piano and was attempting to climb up it when he fell and hit is face on the corner of the bench. He has become baby invincible, who is not as unbreakable as he thinks. His little cheek has three cuts and this big red mark. But as you can see in the picture he doesn't let it sour his mood. I also put a video of him saying "mum" on here too. He doesn't like to do it for the camera so it was hard to catch him doing it, but I managed to capture a little one. You have to listen closely, but right after Allen says say cheese he says his "mum".

Carter right after his fight with the piano. You should have seen the other guy.

The "mum" video.