Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well sorry it has been so long our Internet wasn't working for a bit. So there is a lot to see here. Carter is going to be 3 months on the 20th of June. He is getting so big. Both my boys are in the 75th % for height and Carter is in the 75th % for weight too.Well have fun looking at out pics.
We finally got some sun and Allen had a blast playing outside in the water.
Allen thinks its fun to sunbath in grandpa's lawn chair.
You can't see it very well but Allen is getting splashed by the sprinkler.
He is the only kid I know that loves getting splashed in the face.
He is such a cool dude in his shades.
We had a crazy long weekend. We had to go to Spokane to get some school things figured out and then the day we got back we had to go to Allen's cousin Meeghan's birthday party. It made for a very exciting time.
My sister and Tosh getting ready to read Allen his bed time story.
When we were there we found out that Garret has footy pajama.
Hey, Allen has pajamas just like that too. Garret in those pajamas just cracked me up.
This is at the party Meeghan got some dress up cloths for her birthday. Allen and Max thought the spider man cloths were a lot of fun they looked so cute.
Here they are making there spider man poses.
Now they are doing there spider man moves
We took Allen to the build a bare workshop so he would have a new friend to take with him for his operation. He chose a dog and named him Buddy. It was so much fun. And Allen loves his new friend.
Dad and Allen are making a birth certificate for Buddy.
Allen is giving Buddy an air bath to get him all clean.
This is Buddy and Allen. Buddy has two outfits. Here he is a police dog. And for the operation he wore scrubs.
Here Allen is on his way out of the store. Finally after what seemed like hours in the store picking everything out.
Allen had to have an operation to repair a hernia. So we got to go to children's hospital to have it done. We convinced Allen that is would be really fun. So he was so excited to go and have it done. He got to were an oxygen mask and we told him it was like a super hero mask. He liked it so much the doctor even let him take it home with him. It smells like strawberries.
This is Allen and Buddy in his gown before his operation. He just can't what.
It didn't seem to take as long because we had a pleasant little distraction with us.
Allen came out of surgery and was a little grumpy because of the drugs. But he was also upset because he missed his operation. He didn't believe us at first that he had even had the surgery.
Buddy got to get a hospital bracelet and rap around his had just like Allen. They were so good at children's hospital.
The Meagher boy love to hang out and spend time together. And when ever Carter sees some one he knows he gets this great big smile now. I tryed my best to get some pictures of it. Do you know how hard it is to catch a baby's smile? Well it is.
Carter loves a great game of peek a boo. It is so much fun to make him laugh.
Carter goes for a ride on dads shoulders and gives dad a goober shower at the same time.
This is the most ticklish baby I have ever seen.
Our two boys just a cuddling in grandpas chair.