Thursday, June 19, 2008

Allen had to have an operation to repair a hernia. So we got to go to children's hospital to have it done. We convinced Allen that is would be really fun. So he was so excited to go and have it done. He got to were an oxygen mask and we told him it was like a super hero mask. He liked it so much the doctor even let him take it home with him. It smells like strawberries.
This is Allen and Buddy in his gown before his operation. He just can't what.
It didn't seem to take as long because we had a pleasant little distraction with us.
Allen came out of surgery and was a little grumpy because of the drugs. But he was also upset because he missed his operation. He didn't believe us at first that he had even had the surgery.
Buddy got to get a hospital bracelet and rap around his had just like Allen. They were so good at children's hospital.

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