Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our 4th Celebration

We had a great time over the 4th playing with family. Jeff and his family were in town and we all hung out together. We went to one of my sister's friends cabin on the river and did a ton of swimming and lit some fireworks. Good times were had.
The boys having the time of there lives in the water. We couldn't get them to come out of the water without some real complaining.

Aaawww....look how cute.

Natosha took really great care of Audrey. They dug in the sand most of the day. It was cute.

Katrina and Andrea wrestling to see who was going in the water. Isn't Katrina such a hottie?


More playing

Yes, he was truly embarrassed that we had him in a little mermaid life jacket and a pink fish tutu. Poor child he's going to grow up so confused now.

Carter and Dad watching some fireworks.

Natosha helping Allen rock some sparklers. And that was the end of our awesome 4th celebration.

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