Friday, January 15, 2010


Yesterday, while I was out running some errands, Kevin decided to give the boys a bath. Well lately Allen thinks he is to big and cool to take a bath with his brother. He says that Carter splashes and plays with toys in the tub and big kids just lay in the tub. So, Kevin said that Allen could take one first and then he would give Carter a bath when he was done. But to everyone's surprise, that was not Carter's plan. Kevin was in the kitchen and didn't see the stealth master slip by him and into the bathroom. But suddenly there was a scream coming from the other room. Kevin ran in to see what was going on and found this.

As you can see Carter climbed, clothes and all into the bath with Allen. (If you can't tell Allen is giving him the facial expression dirty crusties.)
Carter not only had his clothes on but he also brought his blanky in as well. You can't see it but he changed his mind after a second and chucked his blanket out. So, it sat in the middle of the floor soaking wet and leaking in every direction. When I got home I don't think there was anything that wasn't crazy wet.


Crystyne said...

Mason hasn't quite gotten to the point that he think he is too cool to take a bath with Cooper, but I am sure the time coming. I guess you guys gotta keep a much closer eye on Carter (not that you don't already though). Funny kid.

How are you feeling?

Jarom & Crystal said...

That's hillarious!! I'm sure it wasn't fun cleaning up all the water, but it will give you something to laugh about down the road.