Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random Evans

We have had some visitors lately. It has been a little bit of a cousinpolooza. Evan had his second cousins visit. They were born around the same time as him and it's cute to see them all together. Also that same weekend Grandma and Grandpa Meagher brought the boys' cousins Max and Meeghen. Meeghen just loved being around Evan. Everything was so busy that I didn't take any other pictures. We all had a great time. At the end of this hodge podge post we have Evan eating some of his first solid foods. Yumm. Well, I guess this is a post all about Evan. Well, enjoy.

Ava (My niece Amber's baby), Evan (My littlest man), and Jayden ( My niece Cheryse's baby). Evan was really excited by all the picture taking. However the girls were a little less enthusiastic.
And there they are again. Evan has this thing lately where he always has to have his tongue hanging out.
Evan and his cousin Meeghen. She was so excited to get to hold him and then everyone wanted too. He had to be saved shortly after this picture from the herd of children wanting to play with him.
Here comes the airplane. YUMM!
He was a little put off by me taking pictures while he ate. But I don't think you can tell.

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