Saturday, November 19, 2011

First snow 2011

We have gotten our first real snow of the year. Yes, it has snowed before this, but this is the first that it has lasted. The boys have been so excited about the snow. This morning when they woke up we all looked out the window together and there was lots of "Wow snow!", and "Amazing!". It was so cute. They could hardly wait to get out in it. It has made for a super fun day.
There they are in all there silly glory.
Carter's favorite part is sticking his tongue out and catching snow flakes.
Allen's favorite part is throwing the snow in everyone's face. But he too enjoys tasting the snow.
Evan was just in awe of it all. His favorite part was everything.
Allen taking advantage of the situation and pelting his Dad in the back with a snowball.

We left the trampoline up this year to see how it would do in the snow. The kids have loved it with the snow. Evan thought it was hilarious when the snow came up and his brothers fell down. So today has turned out to be a pretty cool day.

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