Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Carter's Glasses

Carter got his eyes checked this week and we found out that he is far sighted and has a severe double astigmatism. The poor kid needs glasses and the doctor said that he sees everything elongated. So, everyone looks like long skinny zombie people. When he put on his glasses for the first time he looked at me for about a minute straight. Then he looked around the room pointing at things and saying "wow". All night the look in his eyes has been like a whole new world opened up to him. So, I guess the poor kid really did need glasses. Now when Evan turns 2 and gets his glasses all the boys will have glasses. My little family of nerds.

Carter and his first pair of glasses.


Jarom & Crystal said...

You got him the cool looking glasses, He totally rocks the look!

Crystyne said...

You have such a cute family of nerds!