Saturday, January 21, 2012


We got a bunch of snow the last couple of days and the boys have just loved it. They have been playing outside several times a day and for hours at a time. It's so fun to watch them all out having a blast. We didn't build a snowman this year but we did go sledding. I love the snow. It makes for some awesome family moments.

Evan love love loved the snow this year. Just look how happy he is.

Evan had so much fun sledding. No one was allowed to go down without him on the sled. Then he insisted on being pulled back up.

Allen and Carter had some friends come with us. So, I think they would have stayed all day and night.

When Evan didn't get to go on someone's sled he would try to sled down the hill on his bum or tummy.

Carter was so focused and in the sledding zone for pretty much the whole time.

Evan doing his best impersonation of a seal on an ice flow. I think it's pretty accurate.

Up at the top of the hill, I spent most of the time chatting with my ladies and giving kids a push start.

As always the hardest part of sledding is the hike back up.

Daddy and Evan on one of there voyages down the hill.

This year Carter was all about sledding. If he couldn't get on with someone he just went by himself. He is getting so big. So, this is him coming down alone (commentary by Evan).

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Jarom & Crystal said...

We loved sledding with you guys!! To bad the kids and I all ended up getting colds, cause I was ready to hit the sledding hill every day!