Saturday, February 25, 2012

Allen's Super 7th Birthday

Allen turned 7 this last week and had a super awesome Super Mario themed party. Good times were had by all.
At the party all the boys got mustaches in there bags.

Yes all the boys wore them.

But I would say that Carter wore it best. He really looked like a guy from the 70's.

The kids did a Yoshi egg and spoon race. It was super cute.

The table all set up for the party.

Allen's super awesome Super Mario cake.

I'm proud of this cake. I think it turned out pretty cool.

The Mario head I made.

Bob-omb and a red shell.

Goomba and some super stars.

Mario, but now with a body.

Allen wanted the scene from the game put on his cake.

Opening presents with his friends. They were so funny.

On Allen's real birthday there was school so he took some 1 up cupcakes for his class.

Allen got a special one with a crown. I think he had a pretty great birthday this year.

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