Saturday, June 5, 2010


This last week has just been so crazy. As I told you before out dryer and our TV broke but not only that our computer broke that week too. Allen tripped over the cord and the screen busted. So, around that time the pregnancy hormones kicked in and the poor mess came on pretty strong. I took a bath and said a prayer and not even about 5 minutes later my friend Jamie called. She said I heard your TV broke and we just had this one sitting on the office floor. Would you like to use it? Amazing, yes we would love to use it. My crying also inspired Kevin that morning and he decided to call the place we bought the dryer and they told him how to get the part out that they thought it was and to bring it in. He did so with ease and it turned out not even to be the heater coil like we had thought. It was the thermostat and a fuse. It only cost us $40 and Kevin did all the work himself. So, that was two blessings right in a row. I was starting to feel a bit better about things by then but still not great because we don't have the $ right now for a new computer. I called my mother just to get rid of some stress about the whole thing. She always seems to be able to up lift me somehow. I got off the phone with her and started to count my blessings again but a little more thankfully this time. And just a couple of hours later my mother called back (she is on vacation by the way. She isn't even home this weekend). She says Corrine we have 3 computers at our house why don't you go and take the one that is in the kitchen. I was floored. What no, I can't just take your computer. She says yes you can. As I said I have 3. We love you and Dad and I talked about it and we want you to have it. At that point I couldn't even believe what had just happened. All week I stressed because I had no clue how we were going to replace these 3 expensive items in our house and all of them just came to us because of the good in other people. I really can't deny the Lord's hand in this and how thankful I am for such wonderful people who would be willing to give up so much for me. I don't think I deserve these very special blessings but I'm so grateful for them.

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The Whites said...

The power of prayer and faith in God is such a wondrous ans beautiful thing. I am so glad everything worked out for you.