Thursday, March 3, 2011

My boys

I always seem to end up with a bunch or cute random pictures of my boys. So this time I thought I would share some of them with all of you. We have so much fun at our house on a daily basis. Having a house full of rambunctious boys always makes for some crazy moments.

Allen got a Leapster for his birthday and all the boys seemed to love it. Even Daddy and Evan like to play it. I thought it was just too cute and had to get a picture. The flash is really bright on this one but I love Carter's smile. He is always making all of us laugh and smile with the super cute things he says and just like my side of the family, is always laughing at his own jokes. Here is my cute little bumkin Evan. I put him in here for just a minute while I was putting his clothes away and noticed how cute he was being. His cousin Meeghen gave him this little monkey blanket and he is always wrestling and playing with it. It's just so cute and funny. And there is the tongue that is always out lately. Evan had a stuffy nose for a week or so and it made him sound like he was panting. And as always he has his tongue out too. The boys thought it was really funny that he looked and sounded like a puppy and so they all were crawling around like dogs for the whole week.

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