Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Carter's 3rd Birthday!

This was the first birthday that Carter has really gotten into. For days before all of us where telling Carter is was going to be his birthday and he would go around the house singing Happy Birthday to me. He also helped me design his cake. He could hardly wait for me to get it all made. He helped with his invitations as well. (I don't have a picture of the invitations though sorry) They were monkey faces and when you pulled his tongue down the information was on it. We had a lot of fun putting them together. When it was party time Carter welcomed every person at the door with a big hug and loved that everyone was there for him. He couldn't tell me but I could tell he loved his special day and having almost everyone he loves there with him.

Carter was so interested in his birthday cake he could hardly wait for everyone to get there. Posing with his lion and assorted animals cake. Yep, here it is again in all its wild glory. Here are some of the fun crowd that came to the party. Carter was opening a present and Jamie thought this one was a real nail biter. Present from Uncle Bryan. Kevin's family's presents are always among some of the favorites. Opening the Johnson family's present. Carter and Evan really like this one. He got so many awesome gifts this year it was hard for him to choose which one to play with first. Thanks everyone who came and celebrated with us.

I really loved the Happy Birthday song this year because Carter was singing along with us. I just love it when he is using his awesome speech.

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