Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Carter's Big Day

As many of you know the last 7 or so months have be really busy and a little stressful for Carter and us. But we have now got everything figured out and settled into a routine. Carter has been diagnosed with a speech and language delay and only a small amount of sensory issues. But mainly just speech and language delay. We are very relieved that is what it turned out to be and he has improved a ton (and I really mean a ton) since he started his little journey. Carter goes to speech therapy twice a week and to see an occupational therapist once a week. When he first started going he was 2 1/2 years old and spoke about 5 or so word. He threw a lot of fits and was really hard to calm down once he got going. Now 7 months later he speaks in small sentences and knows too many words to count. He is still hard to understand but is able to get his point across much easier. He also does not throw fits anymore. (there is the occasional, I'm a normal kid fit but nothing like it had been) We are so proud of Carter and his accomplishments. Also as of last week Carter started going to a special preschool where they will also work on his speech even more. This does make him very busy with a 4 days a week preschool, 2 days a week speech lesson, and a 1 day a week occupational therapy session. But he is happy to do all of it and we are happy with all his hard work. He is such a great kid and we feel lucky to have him in our little family.

Carter and I went backpack shopping and he tried a whole bunch of them on and as soon as he got this one on he wouldn't take it off and started to walk away. As if to say, okay mom I found the one I want. It was so cute, then when we went up to the check out he kept saying to the lady "pack pack". He was so happy to be able to have a backpack just like his big brother. Here is our guy on the first day of school. He was so happy. We had been telling him for two days that he was going to get to go to school and when we got his backpack I think he knew what was up. This kid could not stop smiling all morning long and was running all round the house saying "shool". He was the first one out the door that morning. I don't think he could have been any happier.

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Crystyne said...

I'm happy that it is all getting figured out for you guys and that it isn't anything more major than a delay!