Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Biggest Baseball Boy

It's that time of year again for Allen's baseball games. This year Allen is playing in the pony league. His team's name is the Dodgers. Yes, I know the Dodgers aren't doing so hot but Allen's team is awesome. This year all the kids on his team hit pretty well and seem to really want to be there. Pony league is a bit more competitive and so they always play the game the way it should be played (with outs and all). All the kids seem to really like this because then they have a reason to pay attention when they are in the field. Allen is about the second best batter on the team. There is this one kid that just rockets the ball every time. He is for sure the best player they have. Anyways Allen is loving it and we all are enjoying seeing him play.

They usually sit in the line up when it's there turn to bat. Allen is always the one that gets the rest of his team to cheer on the person up to bat.

I think Allen's favorite position is catcher. He looks so cute in all the pads. He likes it because then he is a part of every pitch.

Sorry, I don't know why they are sideways but there he is in position waiting for the pitch.

Carter loves going to the games. This year is a lot nicer because he has a little friend to play with. They cheer and eat popcorn when they are not running all over playing.

Evan has been a real champ at the games. It's past his bed time but he still smiles for everyone and makes the game a lot more fun.

And here is our all star running his inside the park homerun. All of us got super excited. Especially Carter (sorry about how loud it is).

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