Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Carter's Field Trip

Carter had his first field trip! He was so excited. He got to ride the bus and bring home a pumpkin. He was on cloud 9 all day long.
Align CenterHere he is in his seat on the bus.Smiling though the window.The pumpkin patch had all sorts of cool things including some teepees.
We got to go on a cool hay ride though the apple orchards.
Yes, this pumpkin patch even had a Carter in an outhouse.
A bumblebee Carter.Poor Evan had to come with us too. I say poor Evan because it was during his nap.Carter and his pumpkin.
They also had some sheep and a pig. This was Carter's favorite part.
Then at the end of everything we sat down and ate some snacks. This is Marnie and Carter getting things ready.

They tried to get all the preschoolers to line up for a picture and this is all they got. Only 3 kids would do it. But it was a super fun trip and Carter had a great time.

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