Monday, October 17, 2011

Grandpa Meagher's 60

Grandpa Meagher had his 60th birthday party this last weekend. We got to go and celebrate with all the family over on that side of Washington. We really enjoyed getting to see everyone. And it was the first time a lot of Kevin's side of the family got to meet Evan. Oh and not to mention I got to make the cake. It was so much fun to make this one. And it seemed that everyone got a real kick out of it. Of course, I didn't take any pictures all weekend except of the cake. Sorry, but you get to see the cake.
So, if you can't guess it's a golf cake. The candles say "Oh No The Big 60" There is a sand trap with ball in it, a green, 2 sets of golf clubs, a golf cart and Grandpa Meagher.
There he is the birthday man made out of icing. Complete with Nike swoosh on his hat, shirt and sleeve.
The two golf bags with clubs. Yes, also made out of icing.
The party turned out to be really fun and the cake tasted good so I would say the whole thing was a huge success. And we can't wait till we get to see everyone again.

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