Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Family weekend

Some of my family came over for the weekend (my parents, Audrey, and my sister Tammy's family). It was a blast getting to see them again. On the weekend we all went to this part of Lake Coeur d'Alene that my sister Denise likes. The kids just loved it and we will definitely go there again. All and all we just had a great time visiting and catching up with family.

Allen and Audrey just living it up in the water.

There was this family of ducks that kept swimming around us and Audrey just loved them. My boys on the other hand kept trying to scare them off with there monster sounds.
Carter spent all his time in the water. He was getting so cold, so I would try to bring him in but he would have non of that so we compromised and he played next to the water.

Carter loved splashing around with dad. It is hard to see it this small but he has a large grin on his face.

Aaahh sleeping beauty. This is my niece Crystal, you can see right up her nose. I thought it was funny so, world here is Crystal's nostrils under her arm pit up close and personal.

And here are all the sleeping beauties all laid out in a row. The row of niece bums.

This is my nephew Garret throwing rocks at birds for a dollar a hit. And yes ladies he's single. Can you believe it?

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