Saturday, June 13, 2009

Watery Fun

We have had a lot of warm weather lately, so playing in the water is one of the things we do quite often. Allen has a large kid swimming pool that he loves to dive in. But Carter's favorite thing is to water the lawn and, of course, himself. So here are some of our watery fun pictures.

Allen man in his cool new goggles. He has to have them on now whenever he gets even a little bit wet.
He love to just hang out in the water, jump in, swim back and forth and also under water. ( And of course, long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain. Or so says his personal ad.)
He also finds him self needing to pee quite a lot when swimming (and no not in the pool) because he ends up drinking so much of it. It just tastes so good.

Carter riding the hose. Here, his bottom half is the only thing wet. But soon this will no longer be true.

He is very serious about his lawn watering. He always inspects the nozzle to make sure it is on the right setting...

...until the hose gets the best of him. Then he is completely wet from head to toe. So after that is completed, back to the hard job of throwing all of his brother's sidewalk chalk into the pool. Which is always a lot of fun for me too.


Lecour Family said...

oh my goodness, they are both getting so big. Looks like allens little pool isn't so little. I thought pullman was further from you than that. I wish i would have known. HOw are things with you guys. i don't even know what exactly is going on in your lives.

Crystyne said...