Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Twins' Birthday

So my twin nieces had there 17th birthday Wednesday. I was asked to make them a really cool cake and came up with one that I thought was fitting for them. Well, here is the cake and some of there birthday pictures.

Here is the cake. Kevin and I spent about 10 hours making and decorating this cake. It was a lot of fun but also hard work. If you can't tell it's Kaylee and Natosha on a horse behind the # 17.

Close up of Kaylee (on the left) and Natosha (on the right).

The cake on the table.

This has a very funny story. Around the 8th straight hour of decorating, the icing got to warm and as I was putting on the tail, the chocolate icing slowly and pooping like dripped from the butt down onto the board in a plop. I started laughing so hard it came out just like my mother's laugh (anyone who knows her knows it's this kind of wheezing smoker laugh.) Which made me laugh even harder and I just couldn't pull it back together. Kevin had to take the icing away and put me to bed for the night. Even now, I'm dieing laughing about it.

The girls holding themselves.

Keylee had a great time chopping the horse to pieces. First she cut off his nose. Ewww... look at all the blood. (pretty nifty huh? I made the cake inside the horse red so it would be more realistic.)

Then she cut off his head. She's such a nice girl.

My sister and Katrina having a grand old time at the party.

Carter didn't think the decorations were correctly placed, so he did some redecorating. What would they have done without him?

Present time!

Keylee got a blue horse bum picture from Cheryse for her birthday. But Natosha only got a brown horse bum picture.

Yummy Kate, Kaylee and Cheryse chowing down on so very tasty horse cake.
The End.


Me and My Boys said...

Holy cow. That cake is amazing! how in the world did you do that. Well done, I'm sure they thought it was incredible! so talented!

The Tulett Family said...

Wow! I have to say that I am very impressed with your skills. That cake is pretty incredible. I wish we could've been there to celebrate with ya'll! We are coming over for the fourth of July though. Miss you!

Peter and Lesha said...

that cake was so great! funny about the frosting too :) Carter is getting so big.