Friday, August 12, 2011

All about Evan

Evan has been so cute lately (always). So I just thought I would show some of the things he is doing.
This kid is an absolute lover of Popsicles. He can eat it all by himself so fast that it makes next to no mess. Next to no mess is why he has a bib on.
Evan has loved playing in the water this summer. We have done a lot of things with water and every time he gets the biggest smile and never wants to leave.
One day we went over to Grandma Tulett's house for the day and when we are there he never wants to take a nap. But this time he thought snuggling up to grandma was just right. And they both fell fast asleep.
This is just funny. Even though Evan doesn't seem to think so.

One of Evan's first words is GO. It is so cute. And now he says it when ever he wants you to do anything.

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