Monday, August 15, 2011

The Kids Fair

This weekend downtown there was a kids fair. Everything is free and there was a ton of cool stuff to do. So this is how we spent our day.

Carter as a sign.
Allen as a sign.
Evan having a great time watching the other kids have a great time.
There was a ton of inflatable things and Carter played on every one of them. He was also playing in the fountain. Which is why he has no shirt on.
Allen kicked butt at this. It's this little football thing where the kids are tied to each other and have to get the ball in there basket on there side of the obstacle. But to do that you have to pull the other kid away from his basket. And like I said Allen kicked the other kids butt. Who by the way was bigger than him.

Okay so this is a video of Allen doing the football thing from the pic above. Just a to warn you I got a little excited that he was doing well and... there is a little bit of over excited parent screaming. Sorry.

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