Thursday, August 4, 2011

Visiting Family

At the end of July, the boys and I went on our first super long road trip by ourselves. We first drove to Southern Idaho to visit with my brother Jeff and his family. Andrea's parents live there and we happened to be driving by when they were visiting them. So for the first night we stayed with them and played. I got to met Blake for the first time and he is just as cute and cool as I had imagined. Then the next day we went the rest of the way to my brother Nate's house. We stayed for a week. I got to meet there new baby Finn for the first time. The poor boy was having tummy troubles all week but he was still very very cute. Carlee was nice enough to take us out all week to some really fun places. We had a really great time and just when I needed it, Kevin came to spend the weekend there with us. And the fun continued. By then end of the weekend we were all getting pretty tired and the kids were starting to get sick so it was the perfect time to go. But we all loved our time spent there and can't wait to go back.
Over the weekend that Kevin was with us. We went to this super awesome dino museum. They had this cool water table that you could play in and make things with sand and stuff. Way fun, we spent a lot of time there.
Even Evan and Carter liked it. This place had so may cool things and this was just one of them.

Cute picture of Evan riding in his stroller. That is before poor Reid threw up in it. This day was not the best for Carlee and her kids as you could have guessed. But mine were happy.
For some reason these pictures are all going backward but this is before Reid got really sick. Even though he doesn't look so hot in this pic. either.
All my kids left this place really interested in dinosaurs. It really inspired some great learning.
Almost all the pictures I took of Carlee this trip caught her off guard and she looked really grumpy so we took this one so we would remember that she was actually really happy the whole time. It turned out to be one of my favorite pictures.
Here we are still at the museum but in the science room. This place had so much stuff to do.
Carlee was in a triathlon this weekend and so when she was off doing that Nate took us up a little path to this water fall. The water was ice cold but because the air was so warm it felt nice. But you could only handle it for about a minute. The kids loved it.
Being silly
Nate and Kevin chasing after all the boy. And between the two of us we had a lot of boys.

The water fall.
Finn put up with us a lot this week. He wasn't feeling well because of acid reflux. Carlee got his meds changed at that end of the week and he was like a different baby. Even though I still love the cute little mad faces he made.
Here we went to this jumpy place. They had lots of slides and bouncy castles and stuff. The boys played for hours.
There faces are so red from the non stop running they did the whole time.

They even had a little under two play area. Evan liked it for a little bit.
One of the days we were there we went to the zoo. We don't have a zoo where we live so this was extra fun. Here the guys are looking at a giraffe.
The zoo had a fun little play place too.
And it had a train we went on.
Carter loved the zoo and the train more than anyone. Animals and trains are his two favorite things in the whole world. He is so happy to be going on a train but Evan isn't to sure.
Looking at the elephants.
We did a lot of walking around at the zoo but Carlee got this cool stroller that fit many of the children. (I'm sure she will hate me for putting this picture up because it shows her back side but oh well.)
Carter looked at the elephants longer than any other animal.
I love this picture of Finn sleeping. We were at the pool and he was just liven it up on the side. What a cute baby.
These two bigger babies played and played in the water until they could handle no more and had to stop for a milk brake. I thought it was cute the two of them with their milk.
Then Evan had to whip out his super cuteness.
So at the beginning of our trip we stopped in Idaho and saw Jeff. They took us to this little park in the town where Andrea's parents live, where Jeff showed us some pretty cool tricks.
Allen and Carter really enjoyed playing with Audrey.
I really enjoyed getting to know this cute little guy who is always smiling.
We had a great time on our trip and can't wait to do it again. I miss my brothers and wish we all lived closer to each other but for now we will just have to visit more often.

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