Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Great Bike Race

Carter and Allen did a bike race in the park over the weekend. It was so cute to see them so excited on there bikes. The whole experience was pretty cool. They got bags full of stuff like first aid kits, energy drinks, and more. They even helped the kids stretch out before there races.

There they are getting ready for there races. Got there #s and everything.
Carter got to do a cool little trike race. It was cute seeing all the little ones on there trikes. Carter did pretty good but he was not the winner.
Carter just finished and Allen is getting ready for his.
Allen in the line up ready to race. He was so excited because his really good friend Elli showed up too.
Allen was every serious about racing but his friend wasn't and Allen ended up falling hard on the first turn. He was bleeding pretty bad and didn't get to finish the race. He was really upset about that but he was even more upset at his friend that ran into him. But all and all I think the boys had fun and would do it again.

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