Monday, September 19, 2011

The Fair

Grandma Meagher came this weekend and we all went to the Fair. We all had so much fun and I think she did too. We got almost everything in that we wanted to see before the kids melted down which is always nice too.
Here is the guys with a big black cow in the back ground. Carter really seems to love cows lately and so this was one of his favorite things.Yes this is Evan with a goat. And no he doesn't look to thrilled, but it was nap time. I bet he would love the goat if it wasn't in the way of him and his bed.
There was this cute little goat that you could pet. Cutest little thing ever but Allen wouldn't go anywhere near it. Oh well, maybe next year.
Okay by far the kids favorite thing was going on the rides. It was so cute to see the boys doing this together.
But of as you could have guessed Dad can't just watch the kids on rides he has to go on them too.
Allen decided that this year he was going to do the mutton busting for sure. He was so brave.
Here he is with Dad after he rode the sheep.
This is just before he got on the sheep. Sorry the pics are out of order.

Here he is riding that sheep. Goooo Allen!
Since Allen got to ride a sheep. Carter got to go in this bubble thing. They fill it up with air and zip him in. It is like a large hamster ball on water.
This is Carter getting in and them filling it up with air.

Here is just a quick video of Carter in the bubble. Well that was our fun day at the Fair. Sorry no pictures of Grandma but she really doesn't like getting her picture taken so I didn't torture her this time.

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