Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Carter's first day of Preschool

Carter's first day of school was one week later then Allen so when it was his turn to go he was so ready. Carter really loves his preschool class and his room is right across the hall from Allen's. Carter really seems to get so much out of his preschool that I just can't justify keeping him home. Although I would really like to. It seems like he is just growing up too fast and I'm not ready for that yet.
There he is. Doesn't he look so excited?
Carter has a cute little cubby to keep his stuff in. Inside is his picture next to his name so he can learn to recognize his name more.They start out in the morning with three stations to choose from. So he goes to the choice board and verbally picks one. Then he gets to play.
Here is Carter and his teacher Jessieanna. They are fishing for colors.

Besides Carter's teacher there are also two teachers aids. At the end of the day Carter gets to walk out with one of the aids and come home with me. That's my favorite part.

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