Saturday, July 5, 2008

We went 2 times to the water park. The boys just had so much fun there. It was really a great place to take the kids.
Carlee and Reid going through the water fall
Allen and Reid went down the water slid together. They are such great buds.
Allen going through that water fall.
So this picture has a story to go with it. You see I was taking pictures at the water park of everyone together playing. Well, I got some real awesome ones of Carlee and Amber both with one bum check sticking out. It was priceless. And then just as we were going to leave there is Reid standing there with his bum check hanging out. So well it must be a family thing. Anyways Nate and I thought it would be great if I posted all the very best swim suit pictures of them with the theme song for Baywatch playing in the background. But out of respect for Carlee I promised that I would not. But feel free to talk to me later if you with to see some pretty hysterical pictures.

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