Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yesterday I had my surgery and I'm not dead so I guess everything went well. Allen went to his Great Ante Collen and Uncle Tim's house for the day. He had a great time. Carter came to the hospital with Kevin and I. We had a whole slew of nurses around us all the time checking out Carter. Of course Carter loves the attention from the ladies. He was the best baby ever all day. Other then that the whole thing was rather uneventful. They came and got me for surgery and soon after they put me to sleep. It was just over an hour in surgery and about an hour and a half in recovery. They woke me up by saying Corrine are you the one with the really cute baby that everyone is talking about. It was a very sweet way to wake up. Then I went back to the room with Kevin and Carter. Spent some more time, took some more drugs and got ready to go home. So all in all every thing went smooth. Me being out of it didn't seem to stop the boys from having a lot of fun together.

Allen loves to make Carter laugh and Carter thinks anything that Allen does is just the funniest thing ever. So, if you can't tell this is Allen saying "rarrrr" and Carter hysterically laughing.

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