Tuesday, October 7, 2008

There are some really cute things Allen has been saying lately. He's getting funnier and funnier as he gets older. I think he might be a comedian some day. Who knows? He is also extremely sweet too. He came up to me yesterday out of the blue and said "Mom, can I give you a hug and kiss just cuz I love you so much?" It was one of those big "aahh" moments for me. Also, that day he was complaining, "My stomach hurts. I need a vitamin." Then all of a sudden he goes "Nope, I was wrong, I just needed to go potty and the potty went the wrong way up to my brain." Where on earth would he come up with that? Kevin and I just had to crack up. Sometimes my kids are the funniest people to hang out with.

Allen, he's my kind of guy!

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