Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here are a few of our everyday happenings that I think are kind of cute. Every time Dad has to leave for school the boys climb on him and give him sad faces. They think if they do this that he will stay and play with them. Although it never works. Shortly after Dad leaves the boys get over it and go off to play. Carter (who is overly mobile now) crawls all the way into the play room and starts his play time with out delay. Soon after Allen will go in and complain that all his toys have been gooberd. As far as bed time goes I try to put Carter down for his nap first. When I tried to put the boys down together they just laughed and played with each other and it ended up that no one got any sleep. So, Allen gets to stay up a little longer. While Carter stands up in his crib and bangs on the wall to get out. He doesn't cry just kind of grunt as if to say let me out of here. Well that's it. Not to exciting but I think its kind of cute.
The boys and Dad doing their does Dad really have to go faces. Carter has been working on his face a lot lately. As you can see it still needs some work. The bottom lip is supposed to go out not in baby.
Carter in the play room loving it up and spreading that sweet goober all over Allen's toys.
Here's my boy in his crib banging on the wall to get out. I don't even know how he would think to do that.

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Lecour Family said...

Very cute. Sounds like you are all doing well in your new home. The boys are getting so big.