Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My little baby has gotten his first crawling battle bump. Today when I walked out to the living room to feed Carter I saw this really red mark on his cheek. In shock I asked Kevin what happened. Well, apparently he had crawled up to the piano and was attempting to climb up it when he fell and hit is face on the corner of the bench. He has become baby invincible, who is not as unbreakable as he thinks. His little cheek has three cuts and this big red mark. But as you can see in the picture he doesn't let it sour his mood. I also put a video of him saying "mum" on here too. He doesn't like to do it for the camera so it was hard to catch him doing it, but I managed to capture a little one. You have to listen closely, but right after Allen says say cheese he says his "mum".

Carter right after his fight with the piano. You should have seen the other guy.

The "mum" video.

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Joey and Kimbie said...

corrine, he is so cute. I love babies.