Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin picking

Today we went as a family to the pumpkin patch. Allen got to pick out one pumpkin that he liked and take it home. He had a great time running around in all the pumpkins. It was a pretty cool place. They had an apple picking ride were you got to go through the orchard and pick some apples to take home. They also had some kiddy rids, lots of cool things for sale, a big potato sack slide, hay maze, and a sweet pea pit. Allen had a blast with everything. The only downfall to the day was how windy it was. We couldn't even take Carter out of the stroller for one second. So he didn't get to see anything. All and all though it was a great family day.

Allen and his pumpkin. He was just so excited.

Once again Allen and his pumpkin. But he just looks so cute in this picture.
It was so cold that we all got some apple cider and hot cocoa.
Allen climbing all over the hay maze.
Allen would run ahead in the hay maze and try to scare me.
Even though I was freezing the whole time this was the only thing that Allen did that let me know he was cold.
So, poor Carter didn't get to play at the pumpkin patch but he did have fun with the pumpkin when we got home.

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Lecour Family said...

that is so precious. your kids are adorable! Let me know when you guys come back over this way maybe we can meet up or something.