Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mary and Joseph

Kevin and I were asked to me Mary and Joseph for our ward Christmas party. I don't know why I get like this but I was way stressed about it. But as soon as we got on the stage in our bed sheets it was really not a big deal. We actually had fun. (Don't tell Crystyne that because I still plan on making her pay for telling them to ask us instead of her.) Kevin's parents got to come and see us in the play and spend some time with us this weekend too. That always makes us happy. Anyways here are some pictures of Kevin and I as the famous couple.

When I was trying on my bed sheets and shawl at home I said to Cheryse are you sure this is okay? I think I look like a middle eastern woman. She kind of cocked her head and said wasn't Mary from the middle east?! I felt really smart!


Crystyne said...

Too late, you just told me. I knew you would have fun! Hey, remember that it was Jeff who turned the activites chair down, NOT ME, so he's the one who needs to pay.

kaitlyn said...

you look so cute!!!!

i love the costumes... i totally would have been stressing too!